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Contractors PTSD, TBI and the Culture of Lies

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 8, 2009

Today in Salon we have:

“I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD”

“He also was under pressure not to diagnose TBI properly”


Please read the story and listen to the tape here:


Not unlike the Iraq and Afghanistan returnees who are in the military, contractor employees are returning to the same culture of lies especially when it comes to PTSD and TBI.

Most severely injured contractors are repatriated via the military medical evacuation system at least as far as Landstuhl and many went on to Walter Reed, Bethesda, or Brook Army Medical Center.

Even the severely injured contractors were denied screening for TBI and possibly lied to about their screening for PTSD during their time in the care of the military.

Once they land in the care of the Defense Base Act insurance companies this only gets worse.

Contractors that are not obviously physically injured normally find it impossible to get help with PTSD or TBI.

The insurance company will not help them and they are not allowed to use the VA .

Neither the DoD, the DoL, or the AIG and CNA’s ever planned to take care of PTSD or TBI.


Contractors and military alike are disposable in the eyes of our government.

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