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Injured Contractors, AIG in the news?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 18, 2009

 Where was the news?

On Friday the LA Times, Pro Publica, and ABC via Good Morning America and 20/20 all reported on the difficulties injured contractors are dealing with trying to get the benefits afforded them under the Defense Base Act. 

Injured contractors and their families provided these journalists with some pretty incriminating information on AIG, CNA, dirty doctors and lawyers losing DBA claims, benefits, for their clients by not working in their best interests.  We’re not talking hearsay, we’re talking about documented facts.

What we got was a tabloid like rehash of the same issues, though they admittedly have not improved in the years that they’ve been covering this.
For ABC this was an opportunity to jump on the AIG bashing bandwagon. Good job at that for sure.

The LA TImes was sitting on this story for the last year. They were likely hoping to cash in on the AIG bashing bandwagon or we may not have seen it still.

So when does the public get to hear the rest of the news of how the injured contractors and the taxpayer are getting screwed?

2 Responses to “Injured Contractors, AIG in the news?”

  1. I can tell you why this is not in the news… it’s called advertising dollars, millions of them!

    I’ve written to every news agency (so called) in the U.S. and a few foriegn agencies. I got NO RESPONSE.

    I even accused them of covering up this news for the sake of a few dollars in advertising.

    It’s “All about the Benjamins!”

  2. Ed Holman said

    AIG World Source is the DBA carrier for all personnel stationed in Iraq back in 2007-2008 when I was there. I have had problems with AIG as they ” blew off ” hampered, hindered, ( must I go on) every Doctor I was sent to, snd then left me with $ 43,345 in unpaid medical claims from being MEDECAC’d from Iraq to Germany and sent to CONUS for further treatment. AIG World Source is a fraud and they do not need to be writing DBA Insurance.

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