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In Memory of Tim Eysslinck

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 23, 2009

We lost Tim Eysslinck to PTSD  five years ago today.


His family was denied Defense Base Act  benefits after a very  dirty battle with CNA and their lawyers.

Tim's daughter

We have no words to describe this travesty

Love ya Birgit

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9 Responses to “In Memory of Tim Eysslinck”

  1. Krash said

    No amount of money can take away the grief of losing a loved one to PTSD, which is treatable and curable. My sympathies to the family, but I hope that on principal alone they will continue to pursue this so another family doesn’t have to go through what they did.

  2. Dear Birgit, Neil and Thyra

    My thoughts are with you at this time – I know you still miss your husband and dad terribly.
    If only Tim had councelling he might have still been here today – all involved in war should be entitled to this. I know it is too late for if only’s ….
    Tim was a special man and it was an honour to know him.
    Love from
    Windhoek, Namibia

  3. Ben Eysselinck said


    My elder brother, my hero, and my friend. May you rest in peace as those who have struggled always deserve. I remember you tonight and always as you sit next to me, helping me to be a better man. Thank you for who you were, but more importantly, who you are. My heartfelt love.


  4. Ana Silverlinck said

    Patriotism, courage and responsibility were the tenets with which my brother Tim Eysselinck lived. How mind-boggling that his death should bring to light the incredible avarice, cowardice and fallibility of corporations like RONCO and the corrupt individuals who have tried to bury his name! Slowly, but surely, we will reclaim Tim’s good name and the democracy for which he served.

  5. Ilka van Niekerk said

    My heart is full of sadness, that we can only keep you alive in our memories and all the children in the family were not even old enough to experience your love and kindness which we all were priveledged to share with your family.

    Marc and I went to clean your grave this afternoon and wiped your name clean from all the dust. As we put down a pot of red roses and the big African funearal which was in procession to the back of your grave, similar to the one when we burried you five years ago triggered all the memories.
    The pain and the picture of little Thyra standing at your grave with a red rose was called to the for again.

    They did not only steal your father, husband, brother and son from you, they murdered a little soul.
    A child will never forget the pain and trauma it endured and her emotional-self seized to grow at the age of two years.

    May this be the last year for you and your momy to have to fight this dirty battle, so that you can enjoy a few years of your remaining childhood, free from these burdens, as a child should be allowed to do.

    We so badly wish to see you all again!
    Your aunt and cousins from Windhoek, Namibia

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  7. Ron Merrell said

    May God be with the family in this difficult time. God bless you Tim and all the other fallen Comrades………………………………………………….

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