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Could it be true CNA is worse than AIG?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 29, 2009

That’s what we’ve been hearing.
We are getting numerous reports on dealing with CNA’s claims adjusters.

We are reposting this from ProPublica

Note that Daniel is typing with two fingers, the two that they didn’t amputate.


I’m disputing the facts as per your attorney’s letter claiming I have reached MMI. The fact that I need medication on a continuous base has nothing to do with the fact that have an attorney.
In the time that you used the services of Roger Levy you continued to speak to me via e-mail. Please stop ignoring Unitas’s request to provide me with medication. You sent them a letter requesting that they forward all detail about the medication that i need.
If I do not receive my medication, my health would seriously be affected. IF my health is affected as a result of your refusal to talk to me, I would not hesitate to charge you with criminal negligence is that understood!!!!!!!!!
I’m not one of the locals that are messing with. Stop your childish behaveior and pay for my medication. Your are not even attempting to settle any dispute. I will post my e-mails to you on every site on the net possible until you start paying my debts.
I worked in the intelligence/security branch of the Police in my country. Please do not underestimate my intelligence. I leave you with i final thought………….
“I wonder if your friends in Sienna Girls High School in the USA no that your are killings innocent contractors by refusing them medication and benefits”
Please have a good nights sleep and pray before you go to sleep.

Daniel Brink

9 Responses to “Could it be true CNA is worse than AIG?”

  1. Ms Sparky said

    I think it is time for a full reassessment of the DBA.

    If the DoD would make it mandatory that each contractor carry their own insurance and that the same levels of coverages would be carried as what is carried in the States, I think it would go a long way to improved coverage and a safer workplace. Now the contractors safety record and their premiums are again directly related.

    Ms Sparky

  2. Awifewatchingherhusbandsuffer said

    Like we talked about the other day. She is starting to push and refuse contractors the wrong way. She is messing with the families and hurthing not only them but their families. Even we have told her stop messing with our families. She thinks she is God. Good for you Daniel. Good for you.

  3. I’m not surprised to hear that we were not alone in our treatment by CNA.
    They left my husband in Germany for days after the docs there said he needed to get back to the states asap in order to save his leg. Hey, it’s just a leg.
    He ended up on a military flight anyway and in Walter Reed instead of a civilian hospital.
    We were expected to accept low bidder home health care that were not qualified to do IV’s and messed up my husbands wounds repeatedly until we just couldn’t allow them to touch him.
    One time after a nurse had drawn blood I walked into the room and there was blood everywhere, dripping off the table and across the floor.
    One nurse showed up at 11:00 pm in shorts, heels, low cut shirt with midriff showing. I thought she was a hooker. She didn’t wash her hands or wear gloves. She even told us she had just come from the stables tending to her sick horse.
    My husband had MDR Acinetobacter baumannii and infectious disease protocal should have been closely followed.
    Our friends in the healthcare field told us that this home healthcare service paid less than anyone in our area and no one wanted to work for them.
    I had to start doing all the wound care and IV’s myself we were so scared of their incompetence.
    She threatened to have my husband removed from our home if I didn’t “cooperate”, you know, shut up.
    Pump equipment the ortho doctors ordered was delivered then picked back up because they needed to use one they already had in the warehouse in another state. What if my husband died while it was not there?
    Wheelchair arrived a month after doctor ordered.
    Wheelchair ramps arrived after they were no longer needed. I had to roll up all the towels in the house to fill in the steps so I could get him in and out of the house to go to doctors appointments.
    I had to put him in the back of our SUV myself and get the Wheelchair attached to roof each time.
    Prescriptions required three and four trips to the pharmacy because they were not being approved. In order to get to the pharmacy I had to leave my husband in with only our 7 year old daughter. He was never to be left alone.
    TBI, no TBI here, no medical evidence of it.
    So many of you have been treated so much worse.
    How was this ever allowed to happen?

    That’s not to say it’s over, if only it was.

    Where is the humanity here?

  4. Awifewatchingherhusbandsuffer said

    I have a question. Why can’t we sue on the behalf of our husbands? I know our husbands can’t sue them. But why can’t we sue them for the lose of life for us. Or the lose of work, the lose of our credit, our home, our piece of mind, and the medical negligence and stress that point blank the threats of the claims adjusters, lawyers and CNA why can’t we do a class action law suit against them for us.

    The suffering our kids and us and wifes and husbands and mothers and fathers have gone threw is enough. The contractors that are injured have been fighting and we have been helping them with the fight. But what about the threats, the fallowing, the finacial hardship that they have put on us and the emotional abuse they have done to us. When is the claims adjuster going to get of her God stool and told that she is to stop playing God. I think it is time we call our own laywer for us.

  5. The DBA specifically states that the employer is free of all liability for any reason and that they cannot be sued by an employer or their family members.

  6. Dante said

    CNA’s claim adjuster conspired with their lawyers to defame a dead man, with an impeccable record serving his country, in order to screw his orphan out of death benefits and leave her destitute.

    You can’t sink any lower than this, but this is what gets you the “best and brightest” million dollar bonuses at CNA, right?

    Deposition Report from their lawyer to their claims adjuster dated June 20, 2005: ” We will attempt to paint Mr [E] as a man who felt trapped and ineffective at home, and his suicide was borne from these feelings and not industrial injury.”

    Despite overwhelming evidence in the record to the contrary on that count and a stern rebuke by the judge, their mendacity extended to convincing an administrative judge that defusing UXOs in the Iraq war zone for over 6 months was not dangerous. I’m not kidding you, you can read it up.

    The problem with DBA is that insurance doctors and others are allowed to lie in court with total impunity. Not little lies, but wholesale distortions of the DSMIV and MMPI-2; diminishing military threat levels and slanderous fabrications about victim’s lives – always following the same pattern.

    And Daniel, your former coworkers are going to turn against you to keep their jobs; its their nature. Too late, but we should have listened to our Elders: meng you met die semels dan vreet die varke jou.

    And the robes just recite all the drivel brought before them, not matter how ludicrous or blindingly and obviously false (if they bother to actually read the 8 pages on PTSD in the DSMIV or even follow the news about suicides as a result of PTSD) – and in the process no doubt cause many a good man to die.

    “CNA’s claims adjuster and their lawyer can pray all they want, she is going straight to the ninth circle of hell, reserved for traitors to their country.

  7. Daniel Brink South Africa said

    Hi Fellow Brothers and Sisters

    Please do not read to much into the fact that you cannot sue you employer. I’m currently busy with my Law Degree to become an attorney. I want to bring a couple of facts to your attention::

    1. How can you as an employee sign your rights away on a contract. The contract can never take away your rights as an employee even if you sign to it.

    2. If you cannot sue the employer, why is the first respondent on any documents from DOL always the employer and secondly the Insurance carrier.

    3. The employer and Insurance carrier both are responsible for your well being until the MMI is reached. Your employer has a contract with the insurance carrier to assist you. If the insurance carrier fails in their obligation to assist you, the employer should then enforce the contract to protect your rights. If they fail in their obligation, sue them for negligence.

    4. I know an excellent attorney in the USA that is currently suing companies like Nestle, Firestone, Coca Cola and one of my very favorites”DYNCORP”. Yip and they where my employer. Please look at the site for more info

    Please read the following cases and then tell me if you think that the employer cannot sue : Compliments from the Dallas News, Texas:

    In October, a minority-owned company in Washington, Worldwide Network Services, or WWNS, alleged in a lawsuit that DynCorp had racially discriminated and conspired to undermine its ability to conduct business after DynCorp severed contractual relations with WWNS in August. The minority company says it repeatedly won praise from DynCorp and the State Department for its communications work in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that DynCorp took advantage of WWNS’ minority status to win big contracts in those countries.

    •In a separate action, a WWNS former employee is seeking at least $3.5 million for DynCorp’s alleged failure to restrain a company driver who was known for reckless tendencies in Iraq. Driving at speeds exceeding 99 mph on a northern Iraqi highway, the driver swerved to avoid a dog in the road, and the car flipped several times before catching fire. The WWNS employee was left disabled as a result, the suit says.

    •The wives of two deceased DynCorp employees are suing the company for negligence and wrongful death, alleging the company failed to heed warnings and take adequate security precautions to prevent a suicide car bombing on Aug. 29, 2004. The bombings killed the plaintiffs’ husbands and injured numerous other DynCorp employees. One of the survivors has joined the two widows in the lawsuit, which seeks at least $6 million in damages and penalties.

    •A class action lawsuit representing about 10,000 citizens of Ecuador seeks $100 million in damages and penalties against DynCorp, alleging that the company’s drug-crop eradication in neighboring Colombia damaged the plaintiffs’ health and property. Under DynCorp’s contract, the State Department is required to cover the costs of such actions since it ordered the spraying

    We are all united in the cause to get reasonable medical care, nothing more and nothing less and if the companies are negligent sue them. No one told me when i signed my contract in 2004 that i would have to deal with an insurance company. I was told that if I die the company would see that my family is taken care of and when i was injured that i would be entitled to the best medical care you have ever seen. As God is my witness I shall not rest until the unjust treatment we are receiving, is rectified.

    I always had the idea that my life was spared for a reason. I now only realize that my life was not only saved for my wife and kids, but also for my contractors brothers and sisters.

    Be strong and justice shall prevail in the end.


  8. Daniel Brink South Africa said

    Before I forget!!! I contracted MRSA in the hospital in London Britain. I had to wait over one year to get MRSA medication. I almost died..

  9. Richard said

    I’m just wondering when all this will stop and AIG or CNA will get their just desert? They do this all the time, non-stop. When will someone in Congress do something about AIG and CNA? What will it take more injuries, more deaths? It must stop and all of the CEO’s and their “Henchmen” should be imprisoned for life, they are killing Americans who paid their monthly dues. I also paid mine and got, you guess it, screwed by them. I worked for KBR in Iraq from 04 to 06, when I was E’vaced out. On Oct 07, 2006 I hit an IED, setting my Fuel Tanker Truck in flames. I jumped and got out, but this was ONLY the very start of all my problems with medication, 3th degree burns on 30% of my body, lose of nerves in both hands. And I THOUGHT that AIG would pay for it all, they did, but not the workmen comp, not my disability. Three months in the hospital and 2 yrs in rehab and NO Medical Benefits for 2 yrs. When will they be held accountable for their action, which is killing Americans and other FN’s (Iraqi Translators and foreign nationals) there must be something done about this mess that AIG and CNA is put in all Americans into. When the Congress wake up and smell the roses see the Lies told to them by AIG and CNA.

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