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This AIG Attorney part 2

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 15, 2009

Thanks to Morale Majority  for the heads up on this.

This is a Craig’s List post, someone else’s opinion, just passing it along

Injured contractors and their attorneys should note this clip from the post:

“His trial tactic’s as explained recently at a legal seminar are to be nice and friendly during a deposition with an injured american contractor trying to obtain basic health care for their injuries suffered overseas and then while at trial to be nasty, mean and aggressive. ”

Who’d of figured?

This AIG Attorney (New York) part 2

One Response to “This AIG Attorney part 2”

  1. Marlo said

    Ahhh These people are so shamed of what they have done they go to such lengths to hide their faces. Now that it is out in the open they even goes as far to call craigs list to have things removed. LOL

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