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AIG and This AIG Attorney can’t take the Truth

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 19, 2009

Looks like AIG and their defense attorney went whining to Craigs list to have the not so flattering posts about them removed.

We still know that  This AIG Attorney makes his very good living off the backs of injured war zone contractors and their families who have lost their homes, their livelyhoods, and too often their lives at his and AIG’s behest..

We still know what his tactics are,  who his Fab Four DME docs are, and which DBA Attorneys go along with him at the expense of their clients.

It’s all in the emails, Dick.

4 Responses to “AIG and This AIG Attorney can’t take the Truth”

  1. Ms Sparky said

    It never ceases to amaze me how these big shots (or those who think they are big shots) think they can totally destroy peoples lives and the lives their loved ones and continue to think that people aren’t going to bite back.

    KBR is the same way. They feel they can do whatever they want and how dare anyone bad mouth them.

    Well…the internet is the best thing that ever happened for people trying to stand up for themselves. And if I think you are a “low life scum sucking pig living off the misery of injured contractors” then that’s what I think and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. And if I choose to publish it in my blog, then so be it. There’s a special place in Hell for you Garelick. Sitting right next to KBR’s Attorneys!

    Ms Sparky

  2. Thats Rich, to his buddies.

  3. Widow in California said

    All my life I was the one who always befriended the new kid on the block. The one everyone else sat back and stared at, even some picking on them. I didn’t have a lot of Sunday School under my belt but I always remembered what I was taught at a very young age. Do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you. This made so much sense to me even at a very young age.
    Now, after suffering so much emotional pain from the loss of my husband and the father of our daughter, I ask myself, “Why do these people feel they need to destroy our very souls.” They toy with our already fragile mental states. They taunt us with accusations and lies. We have suffered a great loss and there is nothing in this world that can “fix” that, so why are they allowed to abuse us? I think about the other contractors that are on a mental edge. I can only guess how they must feel, like their country has turned against them. The one thing that gives me strength is anger. I am angry that they are allowed to get by with this abuse. Do they do this to their own families I wonder? Are they the same Monsters at home? Do their children fear them and wives cower when they come home after a day of destroying someones life? Are they gloating over their victories of misery? Satan resides in the minds of these people that make it a business out of our pain and misery. I pitty a human that has no soul.

  4. jim zimmerman said

    Well,little richie rich and his cronies didnt get over on me and my lawyer(Dennis Nalick)took awhile but we stuck it to them!!!!!!

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