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The DBA X Files: Unravelling the mysteries of the abducted PTSD cases

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 19, 2009

Thanks to American Contractors In Iraq for hosting the DBA X Files series

The first episode

Unravelling the mysteries of the abducted PTSD cases

has just gone online

The ALJ’s and DME’s come up with the  MOST BIZZARRE ideas and rulings !!

The Department of Labor should be humiliated for allowing this science fiction to ruin peoples lives.

Check out the site for the FACT CHECKS.


Killer Robes

The administrative law trials of civilian war contractors with psychiatric injuries are reminiscent of the Salem witch trials 400 years ago.

Over half of the PTSD or mental injury cases arising from the Iraq and  Afghanistan wars have been denied or inadequately awarded by the Labor Departments  Administrative Law Judges in the 38 decisions issued since 2006.

No less that ten of the 17 denied cases involved insurance psychiatrist Dr John Dorland Griffith, who doubts if PTSD is a valid condition.

Two judges are responsible for almost 60% of all denied claims.

Even more astonishing is the impossibly low number of PTSD claims filed.

At last count, there were 303 PTSD claims filed by civilian contractors who outnumber troops in the war zones, and have outnumbered them for the last five years.

There have been roughly 300,000 cases of PTSD reported among the soldiers.

The chilling effect of these vicious and often ludicrous court proceedings on claimants and their lawyers is undeniable.

The end result:

Thousands of people suffering from a potentially fatal mental disorder receive no treatment or compensation for PTSD.

The DBA X Files

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