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CNA and lawyers

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 5, 2009

OK injured war zone contractors CNA in Chicago has been all over this blog for the last 24 hours.

A law firm that specializes in corporate law and has on occasion represented  them has joined them.  LAUGHLIN, FALBO, LEVY, &  MORESI LLP  has picked up the rear.

Are they actually thinking of suing the injured war zone contractors, their family members and widows because we have the nerve to talk about what they have been doing to us?

Or are they just concerned about our participation in the Congressional Investigations of their stalling and denying tactics?

14 Responses to “CNA and lawyers”

  1. daffodils said

    Lets hope someone is finally holding them accountable for systematically misleading the ALJ courts through their representatives which is illegal under the Act.
    Keep up the good fight!

  2. Ms Sparky said

    Yes…there is “rumor” out there that KBR is going to start suing former employees who are talking. Now I don’t know if that is mis-information that KBR is putting out in an attempt to shut people up but that is what I have heard. Now…keep in mind I hae heard this before. Suing me is only going to make me talk more. If I am going to get sued for it anyway I am talking. No more holding back….You may find that hard to believe but I DO NOT blog about everything I receive.

    That would be the low of the low of the low. Butm what can we expect from KBR and the other DoD contractors trying to hide their crimes.

    I ask you this. If you go to work for a company and sign a non-disclosure agreement and then find out that your company is guilty of crimes, what are you supposed to do. Report it right? Then what if no one (the DoD) does anything about it. Are you just supposed to shut up about it? I don’t think so.

  3. It wouldn’t paint a pretty picture but it’s already pretty ugly. They have been so arrogant and secure in their deeds with no one calling them out on it. They”ve been downright flippant in correspondance and on paperwork to the DoL.
    It’s a shame it’s taken a bunch of disabled contractors and their family members, along with one very good investigative journalist who never gave up despite being blockaded, to get anyone to pay attention.
    Maybe they’ll get lucky and find a house to attach that doesn’t have more owed on it than its worth or hasn’t been foreclosed on yet.
    Maybe a prosthetic leg or artificial eye.

  4. Widow in California said

    Maybe next they will want our children as their house slaves? Oh yes, the elite of the elite! Their end is near, truthfully, I think they know it. I am sure they will try to pull some ridiculous stunt. It only makes them look petty. What about Freedom of Speech? Or Freedom of Expression? Are they going to try and bring back the guillotine for those who are trying to “express” their feelings about the abusive insurance companies. We are only sharing the truth of our individual situations. What are they afraid of? If they are doing nothing wrong, then why are they wanting to prevent former employees from talking?

  5. Krash said

    It’s about time these big insurance companies get called out on the carpet for their “profiteering” practices that only hurt the injured more than they already are.

    It was bad enough seeing the reports on how the US Military injured were being treated, but now that the injured contractors are speaking up the public is getting a new picture of just how corrupt these big corporations are, and they are scrambling to cover their butts.

    I say we keep up the good work until changes are made and actually put into force. If it takes a few American citizens to make these companies comply with the law then let’s keep talking!!!!!

  6. defensebaseactcomp said

    asks that we post this comment for her:

    What do they want now my new shoes or my broke down car or I know my medical bills they don’t give me medical insurance coverage for. Oh wait or the legal bills I have that aren’t my husbands. LOL.

  7. Barry said

    These same types of criminal denial of benefits are occuring in Workers Comp cases and U.S. Title 29 ERISA disability cases all across America.

    I pray your group will go to to see evidence. I will be adding information about AIG soon.

    This is organized crime, and the DOJ has refused to do anything about it even though U.S. Magistrate judge Bryant in Nashville wrote that I have more than sufficiently alleged fraud against Metlife.

    I have the support of groups and individuals, and I’m sending a request to the DOJ under the freedom of information act asking them to provide all information regarding why they are allowing the proven insurance company crimes to go unpunished.

    I have had cancer burned from my eye so I will stop here. We are fighting the same battle, so lets join forces and get help from everyone we know.

    My email is

    I am slow to respond because of the eye cancer but I will keep all info and add you to the group email list and try to connect all groups together. We are up against very powerful evil, lets join forces and fight the good legal fight for justice.

  8. Widow in California said

    How dare they even hint at sueing the contractors and their families for “TELLING THE TRUTH”. Hey Guys, the Truth Hurts! I am dealing with these jerks trying to make up some sordid dark secret that I am hiding. They should give up law and write fiction. If a judge listens to this crap, he should be checked for mental impairment. All I have left of my husband are beautiful memories. His smile, his laugh, how he used to call our daughter and I his “Girls”. We were his world. He was ours and with his death nothing will ever be the same. So while I am still dealing with this thing called grief, there should be a really scary name for it the way it makes a person feel, AIG is trying to tear down what is left of me. They are straight up EVIL. I am glad that these hearings have come about. it is about time SOMEONE listened.

  9. Samin Papa is a Scum Bag said

    The Modern day Department of Veterans Affairs, C.N.A Insurance

    CNA is willing to accept DBA insurance premiums with no problem but refuse to pay out when a workers are injured. They mislead.. hmmm … lets just call it as we see it.. they “LIE” about the average weekly wage, they authorize and de-authorize doctors in the attempt to deter them from treating injured workers. They harass the workers with the intent that the worker commits suicide resulting in a successfully adjudicated claim. Bottom line 90% of the works maybe more, have some form of injury. It is obvious that CNA did not plan for this, or maybe they did and just don’t care. But they clearly planned on denying claims and harassing the injured worker. The claims may not be in mass at this time but I assure you that in the future every single worker returning home will file claims. Remember who you are dealing with.. X Military guys who are tight nit and the word is out. Everyone associating themselves with C.N.A i.e. scum bag law firms will fall on the radar. These men are professionals and will not be deterred in the fashion you are use to dealing with. They are not civilians, they are highly trained professionals that will seek out and accomplish whatever mission they embark upon. If that mission is to see C.N.A fall by the way side and crumble that mission will be accomplished.
    Those of us who have fought terrorism throughout the world are offended to come home and have to fight domestic terrorists like Samin Papa, Donna Sprags adjusters for C.N.A. This company needs take a moment and look at the “Talents” some of these injured Veterans brought to the table which made them so marketable to the US Government lets see, Overthrowing of Dictators & Governments, Psychological Operations, Insurgencies, Counter Insurgency Operations, Counter Surveillance Operations these are just a few of these talents many bring to the table. Now C.N.A if you think these talents are going to be forgotten especially when your company threatens these folks you are sadly mistaken. C.N.A may have already been infiltrated and your information may already be compromised from within, and you know you would never know it.
    All were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country with the understanding our country would stand behind us if we were injured. C.N.A’s tactics are worse than the Vietnam era Veterans Administration because C.N.A’s actions are intentional. C.N.A stop scr*wing around and start taking care of these hero’s.
    If I were an adjuster I would not want to harass and exasperate these hero’s fragile conditions. They may misinterpret and confuse C.N.A for enemy? Actually, they are the enemy!
    Samin Papa and other scum like her will one day feel the wrath of American Style Justice or should that be the American Justice System? Hmm…. I am not sure, you decide?

    If anyone out there would like to share their feelings or stop by and let Samin Papa know just how you appreciate her lack of assistance you can contact her;
    Samin Papa
    Home: 1041 W Shedron Way
    Lombard, IL 60148
    Husband: Sultan C. Papa
    1271 South Main St
    Lombard, IL

  10. Marlo Hone said

    I must say I thought I was mad. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Glad to know you are on our side.

  11. jim zimmerman said

    I will tell anyone who asks,I settled with aig and kbr for 100k (yes thats 100,000) and 2100 a month for life!!!Dennis Nalick was my lawyer!!!

    • Superman said

      Mr. Zimmeraman you may need to take a close look at what you truley recieved in settlement. Dennis Nalick was recently arrested for stealing a clients settlement money. PS she was an elderly lady.

    • JK said

      I am also retaining Attorney Nalick. What was the extent of your injury?

  12. jim zimmerman said

    i know this ,and he was handling my case when this alleged incident happened.He has not been convicted..And i got exactly what i said i got and still receive the 2100 a month.i know what the settlement papers said,shit i still have a copy of the original check for 107k,100k to me,4k and change for msa account and first months 2100.

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