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AIG Balks at Claims from Jet Ditching in Hudson (PTSD)

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 13, 2009

Yet another opportunity to deny ligitimate claims for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Mental health issues

A.I.G. Balks at Claims From Jet Ditching in Hudson

The New York Times  entire story here

Tess Sosa, who was aboard Flight 1549 with her husband, 4-year-old daughter and infant son, said she suffered a mild concussion during the landing, and her husband was treated for a leg injury and hypothermia. The family, from New York, continues to get hospital bills, she said. But her top priority was getting the insurer to pay for therapy to reduce the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder for her and her daughter.

Because the plane was full on the day of the accident, she and her baby were seated near the wings, while her husband and daughter were far in the rear. The plane struck the water tail-first, and water began pouring in where Mr. Sosa and daughter Sophia were sitting.

Ms. Sosa, clambering over seats toward the front of the plane with her son in her arms, looked back and caught a horrifying glimpse of her husband standing in the deepening water, trying to hold their daughter above the surface.

“I can tell you, he was looking straight at me and he didn’t even see me,” she said. Since then she has been haunted by the image, and the feeling that in her escape she abandoned her husband and daughter.

Ms. Sosa said Sophia “remembers everything. I just want her to walk away from this knowing that we did everything we could to make it make sense.” A.I.G. agents have told her that for therapy she should use her own health insurance, but it has a $3,000 deductible for mental health care.

“Why should we be paying out of pocket?” she said. “That’s why they’re there. They’re the insurer.”

One Response to “AIG Balks at Claims from Jet Ditching in Hudson (PTSD)”

  1. Me again said

    Should we accept anything else from them. Maybe now this will put to light in the puplic eyes the stress that it is putting on not only the contractors but soldiers that are coming home.
    The denial of PTSD and TBI’s is at an all time high. We know it is out there. After a car accident no one says it isn’t there. So why do they think it is any different with anything else. Come on people lets get a clue in life. Our brain is not a rock or a bone it is a floating mass that can be broken. Just like shaken baby. Our brains can be shaken just the same.

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