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CNA attempts last minute compliance

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 17, 2009

CNA was busy yesterday trying to get claimants to sign release forms so they could turn their files over to the investigative committee.  They even said that they were expecting these to be subpeonaed.  Could that be because they didn’t comply with the request?

Is it just us or does this timing seem to be planned so that the committee doesn’t have time to research these files before tomorrows hearing?

Some of these files fill up boxes.

Nice try CNA but not everyone is as unobservant as you’ve gotten used too.

2 Responses to “CNA attempts last minute compliance”

  1. My husband received his request yesterday.
    I will forward you guys a copy to post.

  2. Marlo Hone said

    Mine received his yesturday too. LOL it was by CNA.. My husband said must be nice to want something from me…

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