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Hearing on: After Injury, the Battle Begins: Evaluating Workers’ Compensation for Civilian Contractors in War Zones

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 18, 2009

Looks like this is the best we’re going to get today.

By  1:55 they will post a link for the live stream of the  2:00 pm hearing.

Currently rescheduled for 6 pm same links

Hearing delayed until at least 3:30  go to this link bottom of page for prepared statements

Panel One

Seth D. Harris
Deputy Secretary
Department of Labor

Panel Two

Timothy Newman
Former civilian contractor in Iraq

Kevin Smith
Former civilian contractor in Iraq

John Woodson
Former civilian contractor in Iraq

Panel Three

Kristian P. Moor*
President of AIU Holdings, Inc., a division of AIG

George R. Fay
Executive Vice President, Worldwide P&C Claims, CNA Financial

A Plaintiffs attorney   seen often on the  X Files     

He does not speak for or represent us here at  the blog or sister websites

  • Appearing with assistance from: Charles Schader, Senior Vice President & Chief Claims Officer, AIU Holdings

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is expected to participate in this hearing.

5 Responses to “Hearing on: After Injury, the Battle Begins: Evaluating Workers’ Compensation for Civilian Contractors in War Zones”

  1. T. Lee Marshall said

    If I were in command, I would station a U.S. Federal Agent in the records department of AIG & CNA. As the files are needed by the Committee, his mission is to physically retrieve the file and insure all pages make it to the copier, none to the shredder. The ICs should not be afforded the opportunity to put their best foot forward and cut off the other one.

  2. Marlo Hone said

    oh you know the shredders are going full force today…. we heard them going last night.. Don’t worry I am sure most of our lawyers have copies of most of the paperwork they are looking for.

  3. T. Lee Marshall said

    Perhaps, but will the Committee call for them? Let’s see: “you are sworn to tell the truth.” Are they prepared for when they do not? What the committee has to examine is the foot they cut off.

  4. T. Lee Marshall said

    One more issue that has to be examined is the irrelevant information given to the IME physicians, by the ICs, who base their practice on working and testifying for the insurance companies. Would any IME attract repeat customers if he regularly failed to find and testify for his employer? If these IMEs followed the oath to “do no harm” would he be out looking for another job?
    Ask the IC why a crippled claimant is ordered to travel 100 plus miles to attend one of their scheduled IM evaluations when dozens of equally qualified doctors are located within the patient’s “pain free” zone? Do the ICs depend on the on the corrupt business ethics of their IMEs to support their agenda?

  5. T. Lee Marshall said

    Perhaps the whole concept of XXX, Inc. should be reexamined. Are abuses of accountability excused because those abuses were a result of “Corporate Decision?” Do any of the claim’s adjusters base their actions on the belief that they are immune from accountability because of some Corporate Shield? Who are the politicians who shield these Corporations from accountability? If they did not, and they ran for cover, would these politicians find a Christmas Contribution in their election stocking next year?
    One question is: If the existence of these ICs cost the taxpayer more money to fund a war why do they exist?

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