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Leroy Pekola another Homeless DBA Casualty

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 19, 2009

Pekola’s account of how he became homeless underscores Salazar’s point.

June 19, 2009

By Quentin Young
© 2009 Longmont Times-Call full story

He was employed by defense contractor Raytheon and was working on the electric utilities at Wideawake Airfield, a U.S. base on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean, when his shoulders were injured, he said. Raytheon held open his position for 12 months, but his treatment lasted 13 months, and he was out of a job, he said.

“I was left to the vagaries of the Defense Base Act,” he said, adding that AIG, now a poster-child of the troubled economy, was involved with his insurance, and treated him poorly.

One Response to “Leroy Pekola another Homeless DBA Casualty”

  1. Marlo Hone said

    Is there any way that we can help his person. Is there a way we can get this story to the House Committee. I feel that these are the stories that they need to here. So many of us are just one step from being on the street with our children.

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