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Father Days Tribute to our Fallen Fathers

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 21, 2009

We couldn’t help but to think of our Contractor families who are without their Fathers today.

We have only one tribute up so far, albeit one close to our hearts.


Please add your tributes here today so that we may honor them all.  We’ll get them their own page.

We are thinking of you all today.

2 Responses to “Father Days Tribute to our Fallen Fathers”

  1. defensebaseactcomp said

    To CNA, Ronco, Roger Levy.
    We hope you think about this fatherless family that you have worked so hard to deny benefits too.
    This battle you have chosen to wage is one of the dirtiest and most disgusting on record. And it is on record.
    Those of you who lied under oath, what have you gotten in reward? Was it worth it?
    The taxpayer money you have spent trying to deny Tim’s children would have provided for them for many years to come.

  2. dante said

    Tim died because RONCO failed to debrief him or warn his family even after they knew he acted strange in Iraq. They are guilty of negligent homicide, period. The measly pittance in death benefits will never compensate for his life. The fact that they besmirched his legacy and denigrated his life’s work with their flagrant, transparent lies is unforgivable.

    How much did Roger Levy/ CNA pay you to lie in your depositions, Will Haynes; Brand Marshall; Mike Hartling; – or is it that you wanted Tim’s job that bad?
    No insurgents in Iraq? No danger? No demolitions (what about the 6-shot photos)? No live munitions? Only four times at the sites? What about that road trip to Amman in Dec 2003, Hartling, conveniently forgot about that? What about the demining press conference at UN HQ when it blew up in Aug 2003, Marshall, cat got your tongue? Even the judge had to throw out Haynes testimony but perjury is perfectly OK with DOL.

    Much worse is the damage they inflicted on countless civilian contractors and their families who were denied PTSD treatment, benefits and some even died as a direct result of their lies. For them its a Fathers Day from Hell.

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