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CNA Damage Control

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 22, 2009

CNA must have paid handsomely for this Press Release disguised as a report on the hearing.

But is the real damage control found here ? (also a press release)


A little background on CNA Financial

CNA Financial is the umbrella organization for a wide range of insurers, including Continental Casualty and Continental Assurance. The company is focused on its commercial coverage, with such offerings as workers’ compensation, general and professional liability, reinsurance, and other products for businesses and institutions. CNA also provides specialty insurance for doctors, lawyers, architects, and other professionals. Other offerings include annuity and pension products, as well as accident and health insurance. Although the firm has transferred its personal property/casualty coverage to Allstate, it continues to write policies and renew existing ones. Holding company Loews owns almost 90% of CNA.

2 Responses to “CNA Damage Control”

  1. CNA Select Risk?

  2. Marlo Hone said

    OH NOW come on please…. realy Select Risk haven’t they already done that. They selected which claims to pay. Who to pay. And the best one which laws to fallow.

    Just remember Karma is a Bitch. I wonder how Fay’s former soldiers feel about him know. And if he has any friends in the Pentagon anymore. I know myself a former soldier would never raise my hand to him unless it was to slap him.

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