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Fallen Fathers, Civpol, Alumni Dyncorp

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 22, 2009

We are so blogged down with the fighting with CNA and AIG that we sometimes forget the employer of the fallen. Let me fill you in what Dyncorp did to me:
After being removed from the CNA building in Chicago, I stopped in Dubai on the way back from the USA. I went to the Dyncorp offices in Dubai and started telling them exactly what was happening to me and how CNA treated me in Chicago.
I was told by the HR manager that a program was being started by Dyncorp. This would take the form of an Alumni organization that would look at the injured and the families of those who died. Man  I was as happy as you can get. I was told that Tim Newman was involved in the setup of the organization.
On my arrival home, I received an invite to the launch of this project in Texas. My wife and I were  flown to the launch and were warmly received by a lot of people I recognized from Iraq.
We were asked to attend a memorial service theat Saturday evening.   I shook hands with the DynCorp Executive Vice-President Robert Rosenkranzand Genl.(ret) General Charles Mahan.  I was thanked  for the service of the South Africans In Iraqand that Civpol Program could not have functioned without our contributions.
After the function, Mike Warren of Dyncorp told me that I must attend a meeting the Monday at the Dyncorp HQ  in Houston.   My wife and I were received by Mike Warren, Steve Averyand a person from HR who’s name I don’t have. I was promised a position at Dyncorp as the CEAP(Civpol Employee Advocacy Program) Representative for South Africa.  We were about seven people in the meeting.  I filled in application papers with all my details.
My mission was to start up the CEAP office in my country and look after the injured and families of the fallen. I was further tasked to put planning forward for a memorial service for the South Africans of Dyncorp.  I was very excited. Mike Warren shipped a box load of Civpol shirts and goodies that had to give to the fallen families.
Needles to say the letter of appointment never arrived in South Africa. When I contacted Steve Avery, I was told that my position was approved and that they were waiting for paperwork from Dyncorp Dubai. I got the families all in a hype about the memorial service and nothing materialized.  I looked  like an idiot.
It cost me $3000 to setup an office.  I was never paid for any services that I rendered.
I was really screwed over twice.   First CNA does not pay all my medical debtsand then the company tells me I’m employed to help the fallen and then never pays you.  How sick can you get.  Do Dyncorp and Mike warren have no conscious.  I met T Christian Miller at this conference and even he new that Dyncorp was going to employ me.
No wonder Dyncorp are called” Dirty Tricks Incorporated“.
I dare Mike Warren or Dyncorp to respond to this allegation.
I also addressed my views with the Civpol Alumni with regards to my membership.  I was told that the South African families of the fallen do  not qualify for honorary membership because we are not Americans.   I worked as PSD on the Civpol Support function.
I now get told by only Americans that have been injured or killed in the line of duty qualify for a medal.  It is called the Defense of Freedom Medal.  None of the names of the South Africans who died  appear on the Civpol  Alumni memorial wall.
How can the slogan of this organization state, and I quote that text from the home page

The CIVPOL Alumni Association is a non-profit, international community-based organization founded in 2007 and is dedicated to providing the international law enforcement officer a forum to exchange information and maintain relationships fostered in difficult and challenging environments.

The Civilian Police Mission is one of the most challenging and honorable jobs that a Law Enforcement Official can participate in during their career. It is a goal of the Association to garner the recognition that those officials deserve, and to remember those who did not return from these missions.” 

Spreading Democracy & Justice For All

What as load of Bull.  Please look at the site


The one logo they use is “I am my brothers keeper no matter how far away”.  The major sponsor of this organization is Dyncorp. That says it all……

 You are more than welcome to place this on any site you want to. I have the same attitude as CNA and Dyncorp…… I dont’ care…….


Daniel Brink


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