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CNA’s Claims Adjusters

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 4, 2009


We love the new position that our favorite CNA Claims Adjuster has gotten herself into but find it hard to believe that she went so far out on the limb without the full knowledge and  support of her superiors.  So many years of breaking lives and families with no supervison….

We don’t think so.

We smell a scapegoat.

Now another CNA  Billy Goat Gruff,  also a  favorite of the injured contractor and soon to be exposed,  signs off on what should be considered a fraudulent LS 208 that the scapegoat would have needed to file nine months ago, according to the DBA, when her attorney cut off payments to the injured contractor.  The document is fully loaded with false entries that would appear to be intended to falsely deny the injured payment.

The Department of Labor District Director forwards it to the claimant without as much as an explanation.

Does that mean that the Department of Labor thinks this is OK?  Did he read it, check the claimants file to see why he just received something so vital to the injured contractors life nine months after it was due?

Does he just not want to acknowledge how screwed up this is?

Scapegoat is not out there on the limb by herself.

This CYA episode could take a whole herd of sacrificial goats.

9 Responses to “CNA’s Claims Adjusters”

  1. Ms Sparky said

    OMG!!! I love that photo. I’m stealing it.

    Good work keep it up!

    Ms Sparky

  2. Marlo Hone said

    Yes but it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  3. From day one with Donna Sprags we were made to feel as though she and the insurance company were doing us some kind of big favor each time they agreed to do something they were paid lavishly to provide
    Things like getting his medivac out of Walter Reed and to a private hospital three weeks after he should have had his medivac out of Landstuhl. We now know that the military wasn’t charging the insurance company for contractors time in the medical evacuation system so it saved them a lot of money to leave him there.

    Having Donna Sprags calling the shots (cutting corners) for your loved ones life, and consequently your families, was a living hell.

    I think her punishment should start at Dogwood Field Hospital in Iraq where she can probably still get a good dose of MDR Acinetobacter baumannii.

    On to Lanstuhl for a week where she can get a few more HAI’s and toxic drugs. She can spend this time worrying about whether or not they are going to get her back to the states in time to SAVE HER LEG as the doctors demanded.

    She’ll be sure to enjoy being racked up in flying cattle truck nauseous from morphine for the nine hour flight to DC.

    Then go back in time to the cesspool that was Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Ward 57 for a few weeks. While there she should undergo at least seven or eight surgeries and spend 3 or 4 days in the ICU, intubated.

    When they drag her out of her crusty room there and send her to a hospital in Chicago they should make Samin Papa her Claims Adjuster.

  4. Barry said

    Intentional false entries, intentional ommissions of fact, and even a wink and a nod have been evidence of fraud in past DOJ cases.

    The DOL probably has fiduciary duties to examine the 9 month late report and all other aspects; but from my experience the U.S. pro business government’s stance actually means protecting felonies, and big businesses are very aware of this as they continue to openly commit fraud and destroy lives because they know nothing will happen to them and they seem to have no conscience..

  5. Johann Steenberg-(south africa) said


  6. Daniel Brink South Africa said

    Thats not nice uncle Johan. What has the poor goat done to be comapred to Donna Sprags. You have just put me of goats for life. Why not compare her to a “barber”. That my friends in the USA is a catfish in South Africa. Ya Ya Ya that ugly shit eater fish at the bottom of the lake eating all the other left overs. Believe it or not that fish might look like allot of the adjusters. It’s slippery, f@*&^%ng ugly and has no brains. You see a goat can climb a tree and you can use the milk and skin. Nee bliksem, a catfish is a menace.

  7. Widow in California said

    What did I tell everyone awhile back? Someone was going to be sacraficed and it’s not going to stop there. I wonder if she will be compensated for her loyalty to “take one for the Boss”? Maybe some of that big bonus money is pay off money? Oh, did I say that? Pay someone to be in the media as the villian to keep the focus off the REAL criminals, the ones sending down the orders. With these “personality types” anything is possible. There are BIG crimes being committed and BIG money is involved. The injured and their families are the ones suffering. Why is it that anyone with half a brain can see what these companies are doing, yet it takes an act of God to stop them? What is up with that. I say to the insurance sleazes, “QUIT INSULTING OUR INTEGRITY” we are not idiots and we are NOT going to lay down and let you win. Your Win/Win situation is coming to a end. Pack your bags, get your foreign bank accounts in order and get your one way tickets ready, because they will be coming after you one of these days.”

  8. defensebaseactcomp said

    For the record, Scapegoat is still employed by CNA and according to one employer is still working their DBA claims.

  9. […] to the TPA who SAYS they must then contact CNA but it seems the claims adjuster has just gone back to hell for a few weeks and no one else can approve your prescription.  In […]

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