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DBA CNA Casualty Anniversary

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 7, 2009

Congratulations Merlin Clark

membership drive[1]Today has been six years since you were blown up in Iraq and your claim is still being denied by CNA with no end in sight.

dad in the hole[1]

Thanks to everyone who has played a part in dragging this claim out, stopping his payments,  denying his medical,  and Generally making his life much more difficult than necessary.

You’d think he’d given enough already.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as if six years weren’t long enough  CNA’s  “He who must not be named”  just asked for a continuance !!!!!!!!!!!!

and another one,  what the hell  !!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Responses to “DBA CNA Casualty Anniversary”

  1. Marlo Hone said

    So what you are saying is you don’t like the no pay checks. The denial of payment of medical bills. The bill collectors calling, the bills coming in the mail and you husband being on pins and needles all the time.
    I think the claims adjusters think it is a game. I bet they have a pin up board with darts they use.

  2. Yes, it’s all fun and premiums until somebody gets hurt.

  3. Barry said

    When I experienced U.S. laws being repeatedly turned upside down a friend told me about Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible, and it probably saved my life because I had a desperate need to have some understanding about how so many no conscience greedy people have risen to such power.

    Here’s the American King James Version :

    ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    I respect all religious beliefs except devil worship and religions full of hate. I understand if some cannot relate to Ephesians; at the same time I hope and think almost everyone who has experienced the insurance companies destructions is aware that we are up against terrible evil that is being practiced by insurance companies who have or should have strict fiduciary duties to act in the best interest of the claimants, but they are willfully and wildly destroying so many lives instead.

    God be with you Merlin Clark, and all those like you, who have suffered so much because the insurance companies are allowed to do whatever they want to, inclusing causing the needless suffering and death of injured contractors who bravely served our nation in war zones.

  4. dante said

    What an absolute disgrace, jokes aside. With friends like these back home, who needs enemies.
    The reason they are playing this game is because judge Clement Kennington ruled that demining in the Iraq war zone is not dangerous, either real or perceived, and the gutless Benefit Review Board agreed and so did Texas magistrate judge Frances Stacy.
    Lets hope that Judge Merlinda Harmon has some sense, and puts an end to this shameful torment of people who risked their lives daily doing the most dangerous job on earth.
    How about inviting Roger Levy, Donna Sprags, Judge Kennington et al to experience a normal workday in that pit? I mean, they claim its safe, sure they wouldn’t object to some firsthand experience of something they so blithely pass judgement on.

  5. No one can acuse them of having bad aim…

    I wouldn’t want to leave their lawyers, the Department of Labor, or a couple of really half assed plaintiffs lawyers out of this.
    Roger Levy doesn’t even need to do this scumdog work.
    What drives the District Director and claims examiner I can’t imagine.
    And I guess the plaintiffs lawyers in question make enough money shooting fish in the barrel that the ones they miss are just chum for the sharks.

  6. Marlo Hone said

    I think that is a great idea. First hand knowledge of what they are ruling on. This is something I believe to be very important to bring up. These Judges who rule on the cases saying that is is safe have no knowledge to say that. So I feel that they are say that out of stupidity. YES EVERYONE I SAID A JUDGE WAS STUPID. (OH NO another lawsuit threat.) God forbid we actually talk about first hand knowledge.
    I will tell you if I get one more email from a non disclosed FRIEND warning me of my personal feeling being put down on blogs. I will trace these myself and the non disclosed friend will get a new warning from a new type of lawyer. Called my lawyer.
    I run my own site on Facebook where everyone can come and see. OH FYI everyone. The local radio stations here are now getting wind of this. You know the ones that all the 20/30/40 something listen to. I hope you are really ready for more to hit the fan.
    Please come join me.

  7. Barry said

    I have not seen the exact quotes but I personally believe there is a good chance the Judges ruled this way because they are unjustly favoring the insurance companies and/or the employers like KBR etc.

    I believe it is completely insane for a Judge to say “demining in the Iraq war zone is not dangerous”

    I agree with Ralph Nader’s comments that many of the U.S. government leaders are very soft on corporate crime. I also think they willfully turn their backs on corporate crimes much of the time.

    If they take the action that justice (and their government fiduciary duties) requires then the Department of Justice should be preparing to raid AIG, CNA, and the insurance companies I’ve mentioned at

    After seeing the DOL Deputy Secretary’s quotes where he said that the DOL saw no intent by the insurance companies it is clear that the DOL is very very far from the truth.

  8. Barry said

    I have just received a written response from the Department of Justice regarding my request for information and an investigation of the organized insurance company crimes in multiple forms of insurance, including the DBA crimes that have been listed on this and other DBA websites.

    Normally I would not post anything this sensitive on a website but I am doing so because I am concerned for my safety because of the extreme lack of conscience of the insurance companies involved, and their awareness that I am seeking widespread prosections for organized crime.

    You can see the combined evidence by going to

    Thanks to this DBA blog administrator and all of you for allowing me to post here !!

    Barry Schmittou

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