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CNA Claims Adjuster Looking for New Job

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 12, 2009

You can read here about her experience  making peoples lives a living hell.

Donna Sprags
Casualty Consultant
Preferred Location: Chicago, IL (within 25 miles)
Donna Sprags’s Dream Job Delivers…

• 401k matching • advancement opportunities • career change • c-level position • collaborative environment • corner office • eco-friendly company • flexible schedule • free Starbucks coffee • higher salary • international travel • leadership I respect and admire • management/leadership opportunities • mentorship program • more recognition • onsite/paid childcare • paid gym membership • performance bonuses • sense of accomplishment • shorter commute • stock options • training • tuition reimbursement • unstructured environment • work/life balance •
Donna Sprags’s Experience Map

The Experience Map is a visual representation of my skills and strengths. Mouse over the to view a question I answered while defining my work background. Click on any skill name in the map to see details about my experience.
Donna’s experience includes:  Evaluate and settle claims,  Assess liability levels, complete required paperwork,  conduct investigations, Interpret medical Records, Interview/contact claimants, negotiate settlements, obtain back up information, review settled claims, supervise/train other adjusters, confer/work with legal counsel, communicate with brokers
Claims experience
CNA Global Insurance
Casualty Consultant
Jan 1996 – Present

Update October 2009

Donna Sprags apparently still works at CNA, still abusing injured contractors

3 Responses to “CNA Claims Adjuster Looking for New Job”

  1. Marlo Hone said

    Oh wait let me cry a tear for her… Nope no didn’t work.. maybe a jig…. I will have a drink loving watching her site on the unemployment line. With her name all over the blogs she will never find another job. The first place people look is on the net for info on people. Dang looks like she is screwed guess she should had done her job and not got pleasure out of it. Think if she would have done just her job and not add her own nasty twist, bitchiness, laziness and out right enjoyment of denial of claims.
    She might not be getting slammed by all of us.

  2. “Interpret Medical Records”?
    Is “interpretting medical records” the term for the life altering medical decisions she has been allowed to force upon injured contractors?

  3. John said

    Donna Sprags is handling my PTSD claim and has been putting me off and delaying my claim at every turn.

    I spoke to her on the phone once and she was very rude, confrontational and basically accused me of lying.

    I then was told by Michael Warren (DynCorp) that DynCorp never sends its contractors into dangerous situations. That is a freaking lie, we were used exactly like assault troops and sent into villages that ISAF would not go into.

    I have had several calls from a Bo Rivers from DynCorp who wants to speak to me about my experiences in Afghanistan. The message says it is DynCorp SOP to contact all recently returning contractors. Thing is I have been back for over 6 months.

    Any advice?

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