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More Bonuses for AIG, Continued shaft to Injured Contractors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 12, 2009

AIG prepares more bonuses for top executives

AIG Executives

American International Group Inc. is preparing to pay millions of dollars more in bonuses to several dozen of its top executives after an earlier round of payments set off a national furor.

The insurer has been pressing the government’s new “compensation czar” to bless the payments to shield itself from renewed public outrage.

AIG Using “Suicide” Strategy to Push Bonuses

No one mentions that AIG was the insurance company that insured the Twin Towers SPECIFICALLY against terrorism a month or so before 9/11 happened, and then paid off on the towers’ collapses TWICE based on a friendly lawsuit between friends Larry Silverstein (who owned the Towers) and his buddy Maurice Greenberg, (CEO/owner of AIG) ????

So it would seem that AIG is right in the middle of things, such as THREATS, ATTACKS, etc.—and has been for some time.

Anybody at T.O. care to spend a bit of time connecting THOSE dots?????

A.I.G. Using “Suicide Strategy” to Push Bonuses

5 Responses to “More Bonuses for AIG, Continued shaft to Injured Contractors”

  1. Barry said

    I feel strongly the U.S. Government should appoint a Conscience Czar whose duty will be to criminally prosecute businesses who destroy lives by willfully violating laws.

    The Conscience Czar should also criminally prosecute government employees who turn their backs while businesses destroy lives.

    This Czar would be very busy and need a huge staff and new prisons will be needed to house the corporate serial criminals.

    For anyone who has not personally experienced having your life destroyed by the insurance companies lies (and the governments failure to take action), I hope you will undertand that when you read the comments that are made on this website, you may see anger, you may even see occasional attempts at humor to make a point.

    When you are having your life intentionally destroyed by big business greed and government inaction over multiple years it is fortunate that many of us have not died from the extreme stress or taken vengance against the heinous criminal insurance companies (that are worth trillions of dollars when you combine their wealth)

    I believe the anger and humor that is expressed in some comments (that this blog is kind enough to allow us to post) are a much needed outlet to release a little of the stress that the insurance companies are so willfully dumping on severely injured and disabled citizens, and the insurance companies are so outrageous and evil they do not even care about the damage they are causing to the families of the contractors who lost their lives in war zones.

    With that said, it is important to note that those who violate the law (and the government officials who ignore the violations) use any expression of anger against any citizen who is attempting to tell the truth.

    After a year of being very nice I became very angry in 2002 as my life fell apart because of insurance companies intentional ignoring of my cancer symptoms.

    I was labeled as crazy by many politicians in Tennessee, but when multiple legislators were arrested a reporter for WKRN in Nashville told me that he personally told a group oflegislators that I must not have been crazy.

    It has been 4 years since those arrests, but as you all know there are so many huge problems that are still occuring it is mind boggling to wonder why. I personally believe we are dealing with huge widespread evil and greed; I can’t think of anything else that could explain why such obvious fiduciary crimes continue ( and why the DOL and DOJ have done nothing to stop them )

    If anyone has not seen my posts before you can see overwhelming evidence of insurance companies organized crimes by going to

    I would like to tell the manager of this blog that I greatly appreciate the opportunity to post my evidence and thoughts here, and I pray often that the war zone contractors and their families will see justice some day !!

  2. Barry said

    I have just received a written response from the Department of Justice regarding my request for information and an investigation of the organized insurance company crimes in multiple forms of insurance, including the DBA crimes that have been listed on this and other DBA websites.

    Normally I would not post anything this sensitive on a website but I am doing so because I am concerned for my safety because of the extreme lack of conscience of the insurance companies involved, and their awareness that I am seeking widespread prosections for organized crime.

    You can see the combined evidence by going to

    Thanks to this DBA blog administrator and all of you for allowing me to post here !!

    Barry Schmittou

  3. Marlo Hone said


    HI Barry…Just an FYI for you.. As you post on here I have been keep you updated on my site also. I have posted your site on my site..
    I also post you on my personal site which get out to about 10k people. It is the benefit of being a part of Facebook and having a large output of friend who have larger friends all over the world. I hope you don’t mind. Just wanted you to know that we all are helping you get your work out like you are helping us.
    But Please don’t over due it. If you ever need help please just ask many of us will be more then happy to.

  4. Barry said

    Thank you Marlo !!

    Could you please send your email address to me at

    That way I can sedn important things straight to you.

    I am unable to chat much back and forth because my vision is going crazy because of all this extra typing, I almost fell out of a chair last night because of a huge image shift.

    Thank you for all you do !!
    Barry : )

  5. Krash said

    I would like to see the top executives receiving these bonuses try to live on the disability pay that we receive. Don’t forget that after 12 months of reduced payments they will be stopped and it will take another 12-24 months to get them reinstated. Let’s see if they can afford to feed their children, make mortgage/rent payments, and just do basic things to survive on a daily basis with absolutely no income for years at a time.

    Their company is the one that is making a profit from non-payment of claims whether it be a DBA claim or any claim from their other insurance divisions.

    It’s time to stop the exhorbitant “bonuses” and pay the claims.

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