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DBA Attorney Bloodsucking from a turnip

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 14, 2009

The wife of a  PTSD Suicide DBA  Casualty finally has a hearing coming up in a few months.

As with so many others  this claim has been drug out and this woman has been demoralized and drug through the mud.

She is on the verge of losing most everything else when her DBA Lawyer tells her she must pay him $10,000 or he will no longer be able to proceed with her case.   Is he planning on losing?  Can’t hold out that long like she has too?

We are told this is not illegal although the DBA requires all legal fees to be approved by the DoL.

Of course, we’re not lawyers and may have a “misguided interpretation” of the Defense Base Act.

Maybe this lawyer has a “misguided interpretation” of humanity.

Not to worry Widow, there are some very capable and caring  DBA Lawyers willing to win your case.

UPDATE:  Dennis Nalick took this case for the Widow without charging her a dime and with the realization that he may never see a dime.  He won this very important claim for her.  The Bloodsuckers entry for fees has been appealed.

6 Responses to “DBA Attorney Bloodsucking from a turnip”

  1. Marlo Hone said

    Have no worries. Who the hell does this person think they are. You let that person know. Get a hold of me. I will get her in contact with the right people to get her the correct lawyers for the job. I also want that lawyers name so I can make sure that the lawyer she had will never get close to another DBA contractor again. How dare that lawyer. They should be taken out back and flogged. Yep I said FLOGGED

  2. Krash said

    There are to many good DBA attorneys out there that don’t charge money to the client . . . let’s get this attorneys name out there so no one else uses him/her.

    To the widow . . . hang in there you have more support than you know.

  3. defensebaseactcomp said

    Marlo and Krash

    We’ve made it pretty clear here that we think what this lawyer has done to the DBA Widow is less than admirable so putting his name here would not be appropriate.

    What we will be doing is setting up a separate page with a listing of DBA lawyers who ask for money from their clients.
    Then it will be up to the client or potential client to make up their own mind about how they feel about this.

    The attorneys are referring to these charges as expenses but as they are also covered and subject to approval by the ALJ/DoL we aren’t yet sure why it makes a difference. Aside of course from not wanting to lose the cost of these expenses.

    There are plenty of lawyers reading this post and we welcome their participation in the discussion.

    Remember, we are simply injured contractors and their family members being denied DBA benefits.

  4. liz said

    How can I find a good lawyer for a DBA case? I’ve been reading your site, which is great.

  5. anonymousonpurpose said


    There are so many strange things going on with my “former” lawyer that I do not know where to begin…

    He did not file a final brief, let me see any evidence, do anything I asked, file any “Motions to Object” to very questionable defense “evidence”, turn in evidence I had given him. Hell, I cannot figure out what he did for two stinking years except blow smoke up my @ss!

    I am really curios how the Bar association feels about this travesty! These people who think that they can get away with doing absolutely nothing and then expecting to get paid are in for a shock when we go after them in court! The are lawyers out there who make a living suing other lawyers….we shall see!

  6. […] and here, AIG and their attorney Mickey Thompson, the Department of Labor, and Barbara Dill’s previous attorney have put her and her daughter through these many years […]

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