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TACTICOR CNA’s third party “medical”? provider in South Africa

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 22, 2009

For those contractors here in the states who have been forced to use Total Medical Services, or another third party medical provider, our South African mates would like you to meet

TACTICORDinosaur Eye 2

These are the spies that claims adjusters like Donna Sprags hire to take care of your prescriptions and medical supplies, nothing really important hey?  These companies will charge CNA for making your life more miserable than it needs to be, then CNA will turn around and bill the taxpayer.

From their website

“TACTICOR is a security and investigations company strategically located throughout the world to conduct efficient medical claims investigations/services in Iraq, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and the Pacific,  Security Services in Iraq and Afghanistan; and law enforcement and military training to US Military Units and USCorporate security personnel.

With years of US Governmental service in the FBI, police departments and military,our staff of dedicated professionals has extensive expertise in intelligence and investigations, security management and operations, tactics and training, language and translation, counterterrorism investigations and operations, crisis managementand planning and emergency medical services.

TACTICOR employs a global network of US and foreign professionals in order to provideunique overseas security and overseas investigation services exclusively for US Corporate Clients.


Do they leave any doubt as to how little the well being of the injured contractor has to do with the US Corporate Clients Goals?

2 Responses to “TACTICOR CNA’s third party “medical”? provider in South Africa”

  1. Barry said

    Their website has very little mention of medical expertise.

    It’s very obvious their focus is “intelligence and investigations” as they have said on their own website.

    As a citizen of the United States I am v ery concerned that they will greatly endanger war zone contractors and I pray the Department of Labor will remove them immediately.

    Their own website makes them sound like more Hell on earth !!

  2. Krash said

    Sounds like another Tangiers . . make sure the documentation will get the claim denied.

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