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PTSD and TBI, Lifelong impairment due to denials by AIG and CNA?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 23, 2009

PTSD and TBI can be quite debilitating, but the effects can be mitigated by early intervention and prompt effective treatment

Evidence-based practices to prevent PTSD include teaching skills to enhance cognitive fitness and psychological resilience that can reduce the detrimental impact of trauma. In terms of screening, evidence suggests that identifying PTSD and TBI early and quickly referring people to treatment can shorten their suffering and lessen the severity of their functional impairment. Several types of rehabilitative and cognitive therapies, counseling, and medications have shown promise in treating both injuries.

The injured contractor is being denied early intervention and prompt effective treatment of PTSD and TBI by AIG and CNA.

Why is not criminal when the insurance company denies timely diagnoses and treatment which causes the injured contractor life long impairments which could have been mitigated?

Lifelong brain damage that could have been helped is OK with who?

Thanks Marlo for this great link

6 Responses to “PTSD and TBI, Lifelong impairment due to denials by AIG and CNA?”

  1. Barry said

    If the insurance company policy requires them to provide treatment then there are cases where it is criminal when the insurance company denies timely diagnoses and treatment which causes the injured contractor life long impairments which could have been mitigated.

    If the department of Labor investigated thoroughly they would easily find how many lives are destroyed and/or ended by PTSD and TBI injuries being intentionally ignored by the insurance companies.

    I believe a proper investigation would lead to prsoecutions for felony reckless endangerment and manslaughter because the denials of treatment cause many kinds of problems including death of PTSD patients and could cause the deaths of TBI patients if they have an accident or develop a sedentary life style due to their lack of treatment.

    I feel strongly the insurance companies improper denials and delays can actually be first and second degree murder of PTSD patients. I have been diagnosed with extreme stress and I believe PTSD is much worse than what I have, and when the insurance companies have no conscience and willfully violate the laws and cause PTSD patients even more stress it can be very similar to throwing gas on a smoldering fire.

    When the insurance companies deny timely diagnoses and treatment to PTSD patients it can be just like torture because the patient already has way too much stress. The insurance companies are well aware of the devastation there delays cause to people with PTSD or any stress related problems.

    I believe the denial of treatment to TBI patients can also be torture, because the TBI patient needs the improvement that proper treatment would bring, but the wealthy insurance commpanies don’t care if they destroy many lives in order to make a few more dolllars.

    I hope you will all watch the show called “Brain Fitness Program” that is seen on PBS during fundraisers. It showed the remarkable improvement that TBI patients can have with proper therapy.

    It is such a shame that the leaders of the insurance companies who are denying proper treatment seem to have no human caring and compassion. I guess a dollar bill is where their heart should be.

    More hell on earth imposed by the No Conscience leaders of the insurance companies involved. The DOL and DOJ should move quickly and present this to a grand jury for thorough depositions and investigations !!

    I appreciate the awesome link from Marlo, and all the hard work that everyone does to make this blog possible. Y’all help provide some relief from the hell imposed by the insurance companies !!

  2. daffodils said

    People suffering from PTSD have 15 times the normal rate of suicide attempts compared with the general population, and people with TBI have three to four times.
    CNA and AIG know this, and aided by the law (Longshore) that denies compensation for “willful” suicide, it is in their financial interest not to diagnose or treat PTSD in the hopes it progresses to suicide.
    Exactly right, Barry, this is premeditated homicide.
    One does not need to be a lawyer to figure this out. Where is the justice department?

  3. Barry said

    Thank you for sharing those statistics Daffodils.

    I hope you and anyone else with insight will let me know what you think about this :

    I would think the statistics you mentioned are in regards to people who have PTSD and TBI, and have been removed from the situations that were the causation.

    So the additional stress that the insurance company intentionally piles on, and the struggle for survival and the economic stress because the insurance company is delaying or denying treatment would cause an additional huge increase to the 15 times the normal rate of suicide attempts that PTSD patients experience and the three to four times increase of the normal rate of suicide attempts that that the TBI patients experience.

    Do you think my reasoning is correct, that the rate of increase in suicides over the norm would be even higher for PTSD and TBI patients who are being put through intentional Hell caused by the insurance companies?

    I’m sure everyone here understands that the insurance companies are very skilled at the Hell they reign down on the sick, injured and vulnerable.

  4. daffodils said

    Here is my source, a very reliable one at that and yes, these are veterans who were not put through the corrupt DBA charade of a legal process where a judge can “find” in a decision that being in a war zone, dismantling live ordinance including cluster bombs, having a price on the head your Iraqi counterparts because your company (without bothering to change their name) armed and trained the enemy 20 years prior is not dangerous, real or perceived.

    Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: Hope for Returning Veterans
    Friday 10 July 2009 by: Bill Scheurer, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

  5. Barry said

    Thank you Daffodils for explaining that the huge increase in suicide risk is for those who have the condition and they have not yet experienced “the corrupt DBA charade of a legal process”

    I have not been in a war zone but the video footage I’ve seen on PBS includes non combat footage of a convoy of huge black SUV’s carrying some big shots of a private company, and this video shows how extremely dangerous it is just to try to drive anywhere even on the occasions that bombs are not going off all around you.

    Watching the convoy of SUV’s wildly driving through the streets and aborting their mission because the raod just didn’t look right made me think this is Hell on earth.

    Knowing that war zone contractors do not receive the protection the big shots do, and the contractors who do the real work and have their own limbs blown off, or see their friends blown up and killed as they stand right beside them, it is easy to understand that those with PTSD have 15 times the normal rate of suicide attempts, and it’s also easy to understand that TBI patients have a three to four times increase of the normal rate of suicide attempts.

    That should make anyone with any love in thier heart have great compassion and concern for the contractors.

    The proven evidence of increases that Daffodils has provided shows an extreme danger to those suffering from these conditions !!

    It is very evil when the insurance companies then attack those who are already suffering.

    Delaying and denying valid claims for treatment is really equal to a physical assault because the extreme stress the insurance companies cause have a devastating affect on our bodies, and then our own government has a very pathetic response that enables the insurance companies to commit whatever crimes they choose.

    The insurance companies evil actions greatly increase the risk of suicide and other health problems. The complex evils have been developed over many years by the insurance companies expert teams of evil doers.

    PTSD and excess stress in general can cause many very serious physical problems, and the insurance companies evil actions are equal to a willful physical attack on the very sick and injured contractors. It is also an attck on the families because they can also be devastated.

    One of the worst things about this is the fact that our own government leaders are failing to take anywhere close to the appropriate action.

  6. daffodils said

    Don’t worry, we really don’t need their charity, compassion or however they spin the concept of ordinary workman’s comp agreed on in the 1940’s after what they put us through – they will just have to count on their own sons and daughters to protect their ill-gotten gains when there is nobody left or willing to do so.
    Meanwhile, they continue following Stalin’s mantra: “No man, no problem”.
    And check out for the many instances where the wives and even little children of PTSD sufferers were killed as well, the danger is not limited to the person suffering from the disorder.

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