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DBA Big Dog Attorneys Jumping Ship

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 28, 2009

Jump ship

Laughlin Falbo Levy & Moresi

Michael Thomas, the firms Big Dog DBA Attorney since Levy sort of retired,has left the firm to join another, or to start his own firm, depends on who you ask.

This is quick on the heels of the departure of another of the firms DBA Attorney’s  Michael Quinn.

Their departures follow the close scrutiny of the handling of DBA claims by CNA, who as of recently no longer employs LFLM to do their dirty work.


3 Responses to “DBA Big Dog Attorneys Jumping Ship”

  1. dante said

    Perhaps their serial obstruction of justice is finally catching up with them, including stealing police files on suicide investigations of US citizens.
    Michael Quinn is such an ignorant novice, he cut his teeth in the Eysselinck case when Levy had to tell “judge” Kennington “this is his first time” at trial to cross-examine a famous American professor and novelist about her deceased son’s character, it was unbelievably pathetic and went nowhere for him and yet he won the case.
    Good riddance, but the real culprits are the killer robe judges, the Covington Cabal, who are still in place to wreak havoc on us and ours.

  2. $ said

    Well the lawyers at this law firm are running scared from these cases. Levy has obviously stepped in so he doesn’t loose his client “CNA”. This firm is going to go down in flames. I am aware for a few up coming cases that this clown is attempting to defend CNA on and they don’t have a chance in hell of winning any argument.

    But thats ok.. Levy is just running up the legal bill. War Hazard is going to reimburse them anyways.. Unless the Dept of Justice probe gets them first.. OOOO Geee… I think I said too much.. OOO Gee some of these folks regular jobs are at the DOJ. CIA, FBI, and ABC and XYZ. Wow Levy what now.. you have pissed off the wrong group of guys and they are coming for you.. Your lawyers are already running scared..

    Well I will be looking for that inditment on the front page.. gee Levy… when is it coming.. Gee.. how come I haven’t heard about this.. “I am connected” they couldn’t keep that a secret from me…. I am the Bigshot from San Francisco.. ?? lets see..

  3. John said

    I’m still fighting with CNA over injuries I obtained way back in 2005. in Iraq, Attny for LAUGHLIN FALBO LEVY & MORESI OUT OF CALIF are still being used by this firm to fight DBA insurance claims. They still up to the same games, sending you to medical exams and obtaining medical records that you never released from your past. John T. Bennett Jr. is the guy I’m dealing with now. An x marine of all things. Bad people. Not sure how they sleep at night.

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