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AIG and CNA Denials, The Burden on Society

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 3, 2009

Whatever may be said about the Civilian Contractors motives for working overseas or even in a war zone, one thing no one can deny is their desire to work and earn a living, take care of their families.  Taking these jobs means months or years away from home and family, working under harsh and often extremely dangerous conditions, and being exposed to toxins, pathogens, parasites beyond our worst nightmares.

When one of these contractors is injured working under these conditions the negative results  run beyond those of the initial injuries and recoveries.   Many of these ambitious hard working people are turned into burdens on society through no fault of their own.  They have fallen into abyss that most didn’t know existed and would never have thought possible.

When AIG, CNA or another insurance company deny the DBA benefits they usually deny the breadwinner of the family their only source of income.   They and their families have no medical insurance or income and are forced into using public resources just to survive.   In addition to often losing their homes, their cars,  their families must apply for Social Security, medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, and more.

The already overburdened VA health system takes on Veteran contractors whose medical care is AIG, CNA’s responsiblility.

The taxpayer has already paid for the benefits that are being denied.  Now they are paying over and over again just for these injured contractors, their children,  to survive for years on end at poverty level while AIG pays out huge bonuses, again with taxpayer money.

Why are injured, disabled, contractors or their widows and orphaned children still waiting to go to hearings months away while not being paid even though every Governmental Department, Congress, and even our president is fully aware that this is happening?

More marriages will end, irreplaceable childhood years will be lost, injured contractors bodies and minds waste away when they could be repaired, and more will succumb to a bullet to the head.

These families lose, society loses, AIG and CNA and their lawyers reap large financial rewards.

One Response to “AIG and CNA Denials, The Burden on Society”

  1. Still pissed off said

    The sad part of this is it is all true. They leave us with no insurance, after the injury. Our men and women along with their families are given no insurance while they sit on Workmens comp.
    If you come down with a cold or worse you are on your own. The worst is because of the injuries many have suffered they will never be able to get insurance on their own. While they are injured we are unable to get insurance or afford insurance on our own. It is a catch 22 that these insurance companies prey on.
    While they crawl for cover settling many cases, but guess what how many of us have seen our checks. I know ours is on its 10th day signed by the Judge. Guess what no check. When you call DOL they give excuses. Well by DBA law on the 11th day they are to get a fine of 25% per day of the total cost. Do you really think we will see the fines. NOOO…
    Instead the 1st has come and gone. I am in my home on a day to day. We were to be out on the 1st. I am sick of the crap. I am sick of what they are doing to us.
    If congress wants to do something enforce the fines. Enforce the rules, Enforce the laws set forth on the DBA law.

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