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KBR Failed To Protect Troops and Contractors in Iraq

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 4, 2009

Senate Democrats charge that KBR failed to protect troops in Iraq from “deadly poison”

Workers — civilians as well as U.S. troops — were exposed to hexavalent chromium as KBR raced to repair a water treatment plant near Basra to get the oil flowing again in 2003.

But the troops’ exposure to the cancer-causing chemical didn’t come to light until a June 2008 oversight hearing. Ed Blacke, a fomer KBR safety official testified that he was sent home from Iraq in 2003 after raising concerns about the reddish-orange powder piled at the plant.

Blacke told Dorgan’s committee that in addition to KBR employees, hundreds of U.S. troops were surrounded by the toxic powder as they slept, ate and patrolled at the Qarmat Ali plant between April and August 2003.

See MsSparky for full story

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