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The War Inside Your Head

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 9, 2009

Briton may hang for killings in Baghdad

chopper_385X185_138882aFull Story here

Mr Fitzsimons posted details about his military past on a Facebook page set up to honour fallen service personnel. He tells of his time in 2 Para and his 3½ years in private security work. He advises soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“Stay safe and to those who will return to fight a different battle … A war inside your head.”

More from Danny’s page

In a Facebook entry earlier this year, Fitzsimons said he had lost “many friends” in the three and half years he had spent on the “private circuit”.

In the entry, Fitzsimons also hinted at the mental torment that both soldiers and private security guards face. Those who returned faced a “different battle”, he said.

A war inside your head … a mental fight which will be tougher to win than any fight you’ve ever been in before … To those of you … Fight-through … Keep your brothers by your side and never give up …

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