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Endless War: The Suicide of the United States

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 12, 2009

by: Dahr Jamail, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

“We hear war called murder. It is not: it is suicide.”
– Ramsay MacDonald, British prime minister 1931-1935

Sergio Kochergin, back home from his second deployment in Iraq, held a gun in his mouth, trying to muster the courage to pull the trigger. Untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and accompanying nightmares and insomnia, heavy substance abuse, and several failed attempts at self-medication had taken their toll on him. He was in an apartment he shared with a friend in Texarkana, Texas, after having spent the past few months with his parents, where he “was drinking too much and causing too much trouble, breaking things, flipping out every day, and cursing at them.” Full Story here

2 Responses to “Endless War: The Suicide of the United States”

  1. daffodils said

    This excellent but also deeply disturbing article just confirms in sum what everyone contributing to this blog have been saying all along.
    There are just no excuses left for the DOL and their pathetic process and phony rulings.
    If this is true for soldiers then its even worse for civilian contractors who’s plight remains nearly invisible to the public because much of the corporate media is owned by defense contractors and thus has a vested interest in shoving this scandal under the rug.
    This par says it all:

    Soldiers are returning from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan destroyed mentally, spiritually, and psychologically, to a general population that is, mostly, willfully ignorant of the occupations and the soldiers participating in them. Troops face a Department of Veterans Affairs that is either unwilling or unable to help them with their physical and psychological wounds, and they are left to fend for themselves. It is a perfect storm of denial, neglect, violence, rage, suffering, and death.

  2. defensebaseactcomp said

    And if we haven’t seen enough proof of this scenario this past week alone, certainly there is much more to come.

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