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Danny Fitzsimons on Probation for gun offence

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 13, 2009

Briton facing Iraq murder trial on probation for gun offence

The guard facing trial for murder in Iraq flew to Baghdad last week despite being under probation supervision in Britain after being convicted of robbery and firearms offences.

Danny Fitzsimons’s criminal past raises questions about the vetting process of ArmorGroup, the private security company that hired him. It has a policy of not employing anyone with a criminal record. His move to Iraq may also cast doubt on the supervision given to Mr Fitzsimons, 29, by the Greater Manchester Probation Service. The former paratrooper from Middleton was supposed to report regularly to a probation officer.  Full Story here

3 Responses to “Danny Fitzsimons on Probation for gun offence”

  1. daffodils said

    Typical. Now this man is being portrayed as a longtime hard-core criminal to deflect the blame by playing up “criminal past” although the facts tell us that his only and obviously minor offense (given the light punishment) took place AFTER he was discharged for PTSD (see excerpt below)
    The real question is, was he treated for PTSD after being discharged for PTSD? Did the British army pay for his treatment and provide him with adequate compensation benefits? If they did, and I doubt it , why would he be involved in robbery for the first time at age 29?

    Suspect they left him with no choice but to go back, and ArmorGroup and others took him because they are running out of people crazy enough to risk life and limb just to be tossed out like garbage when they get hurt.

    “Last November Mr Fitzsimons was given a one-year suspended sentence for robbery and possessing prohibited ammunition, the Crown Prosecution Service said.”

  2. […] Paul McGuigan and Darren Hoare are dead because of ArmorGroup’s negligence in failing to Vet a mentally ill employee with a pending weapons charge in England as well as previous convictions. […]

    • marty11 said

      Paul and Darren died , due to the actions of an evil man, fueled on drink. Make no mistake the ‘incidents’ Danny refers to that led to his apparent illness are are false and misleading as his defense.
      Danny did not find the remains of a child he had befriended whilst in Kosovo, that is lies…check incident logs and with the UN war crimes investigators, nothing exists that even slightly backs this story.
      His story referring to seeing a comrade burn in a gun truck in front of him is further fabrication, he was not on the team , nor within a hundred miles of it , when that incident occurred.
      The man is a liar who falsified documents (CRB and Medical), failed to disclose conviction and made a medical self declaration as fit for duty.
      Darren and Paul have been painted by this person as having been in some way partially responsible for their own deaths, and having attacked him. Truth is I worked with them both, they were two great lads , very professional and extremely popular. No way would I ever in a million years believe that Darren Hoare threatened to kill someone in cold blood, Darren was a perfect gentleman and a good friend to all. Paul, was a great guy and one that many relied upon for guidance, again I would rather believe Mother Theresa was a drug trafficker.
      Danny Fitzsimmons on the other hand was a drug user , alcohol abuser, convict and liar….. Please dont place the blame for this at AG or the two dead men, the murderer is in custody and has stood trial , he is not ill and is not a victim in the slightest, he executed two unarmed men ….

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