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Practicing Medicine Without a Licencse

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 26, 2009

Without a medical licenseWhen Donna Sprags refuses to approve surgery ordered by the injured contractors doctor on a destroyed shoulder because it won’t help the injured contractor get back to work, it will only relieve his constant pain……….

When CNA and Mr Lawyer  refuses TBI screening to someone who took the full blast of a bomb……….

When Samin Papa refuses to approve medication ordered by a doctor to relieve nightmares because it is also used to treat high blood pressure……….

When AIG’s claims adjusters and lawyers refuse to have bullets removed from bodies, deny diagnoses and treatment of PTSD, and deny countless MRI’s and treatment  for back injuries causing permanent nerve damage…………

Are they not making medical decisions for patients without a license?

By Ricky in Texas on CNA’s John Little

John Little is my new workman’s comp adjuster. He has refused my medication refills (I’ve been seeing the same doctor since my injury started)and now claims that he WILL NOT Pay my benefits. I DO NOT ABUSE my medications and I AM TRULY DISABLED.

My doctor is very GOOD and he has been trying to atleast keep me out of a wheelchair. John Little called me last month as “The New Adjuster” and IS trying to practice Medicine in the state of Texas without a Medical Degree .

I’ve also received a “SHAM REVIEW” by Dr. John Hite. I’ve NEVER seen this doctor and my personal doc knows Dr. John Hite as Dr. Hite has referred patients to my doc, Dr. Edward Talmage.

On advisement of my doctor, I’m filing a”Harrassment Complaint against John Little for calling the pharmacy and telling them that he WILL NOT pay my claims as I’m on too many medications. Dr. Hite has written a “Sham Review” acting as my doctor and has NEVER sen me. Dr. Hite was a Neurological Surgeon, then retired and went on the wkman’s comp gravy train.

I’ve NEVER refused to see any doctor that workman’s comp has sent me to. I have NOTHING to hide and now I’m left detoxing (unnecessarily) because of BOTH of THEM. I need Assistance and I need it NOW! Those people are going to kill someone and I have a disabled wife and grandson to worry about.

I CAN NOT pay for my medications, treatments,etc. that I AM entitiled to by John Little. I’m trying not to use a  lawyer (The Truth SHOULD be on my side) but these 2 men are trying to kill me. PLEASE HELP NOW!!!

Rosenberg, Texas

One Response to “Practicing Medicine Without a Licencse”

  1. daffodils said

    Rickey, unfortunately they are playing this inhumane game with most of us in the hopes that many will simply give up and have been getting away with it for many years now. You need to urgently contact your lawyer (the one that filed your claim) about this or get a competent new one.
    You can also call the labor department, they are supposed to help you:
    Chris Gleasman
    District Director,
    Eighth Compensation District,
    U.S. Department of Labor, ESA
    8866 Gulf Freeway, Suite 140
    Houston, TX 77017
    Telephone: (713) 943-1605

    If they made you quit your anti-depressants cold turkey they are endangering your life, this is a lot more serious than harrassment. Hope this helps.

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