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Defense Base Act “Withholding”

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 18, 2009

WithholdingDefense Base Act Insurance is a requirement of your employer by the US Government.  You, the taxpayer, the US Government  reimburses the contract company for the insurance “premiums”.

Defense Base Act Insurance is in NO WAY a benefit provided by the contractor company.   Nor is it medical or life  insurance that you would ever consider purchasing for yourself.   It will serve you little if you are injured while deployed.  It will serve you and your family in no way if you or they need medical help otherwise.

The DBA is nothing more than Workmans Compensation which relieves you of your constitutional rights and relieves your employer of any liability for any reason.

If you see a withholding on your paycheck for DBA insurance you are working for a really scumbag company.

And yes, we do have instances of this documented.

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