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Defense Longshore/DBA Conferences, not all bad

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 4, 2009

Before we get on with introducing the line up of speakers for the Defense Longshore/DBA Conference this week we wanted to point out one name which you will see listed at nearly every conference.

Joshua Gillelan who owns the Longshore Claimants’ National Law Center — Washington D.C.   The name speaks for itself.

Mr. Gillelan spent many years working in the Department of Labor.

He now represents  injured contractors picking up the pieces of claimants cases on appeal.

He even wrote a few chapters in the book  Roger Levy is Editor in Chief of,  The NEW Defense Base Act and War Hazards Act Handbook, or How to Screw Over the Modern Day DBA Casualty as we more accurately refer to it as, which are not highly regarded by the Defense.  The book was promoted by the DoL at the DBA Conference held last October, 2008,  in Washington DC.

Look  for the follow up book soon.

For what it’s worth coming from us, Thank you Josh Gillelan for putting yourself in the eye of the storm time after time.

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