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The DoL and Defense Longshore/DBA Conferences

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 4, 2009

While we prepare our presentation on this weeks  Longshore and DBA conference we’d like you to see an example of a defense conference held last year and rather well attended by the Department of Labor.   Many of the DoL attendees had to travel from Washington DC to attend.

Injured contractors wait for years without medical and lost wages.  They wait for months on end to have a hearing date assigned once it is determined they are entitled to one,  only to have it taken away at the whim of a defense lawyer.

The Benefits Review Board takes six months and more to review a claim.

The DoL Administration claims they are overwhelmed.

But there is plenty of time to attend conferences with the Defense.

The sponsors of this example are a Longshore Insurance Company and a Defense Advocacy Group (non-profit to boot) which you can check out at the links below the conference information.

Maritime Conference
May 29th & 30th, 2008

The conference will open with an in-depth discussion of effective practice and
procedure before the Department of Labor. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit
with representatives from the offices of the Administrative Law Judges, District
Director, the Solicitor, and the Benefits Review Board.

A Conversation with the DOL
The representatives of the Department of Labor will look briefly at the
recent past to provide an overview of their respective branches and offer
insight into trends observed. The panel will then look at the present
status of practice and procedure before the DOL including common
pitfalls and issues of interest to attendees. The discussion will conclude
with a look toward the future of Longshore Practice.
Faculty: Anthony Filiato moderator, Associate Chief Judge Stephen Purcell (OALJ),
Jan Ulan (BRB), Mark Reinhalter (Solicitor’s Office)

The Conversation Continues…
Join us to examine a roadmap for successful practice before the OALJ
and the District Director’s Office. Enjoy this rare opportunity to discuss
the ‘nuts and bolts’ issues of pursuing a case to resolution from the
perspective of the claimants’ and employers’ counsel, the District
Director, and the ALJ. Topics will include settlement language, Section
8(f) relief and the ‘fine line’ of fact finding as between the ALJ and the
District Director’s Office.
Faculty: Randy Harris moderator, District Chief Judge Daniel Sutton (OALJ),
District Director David Groeneveld, Peter Quay & William J. Gately, Jr.

Signal Mutual Indemnity Association

Established in January 1986 to meet the demands of the stevedoring industry for reasonable and stable workers’ compensation insurance rates, Signal Mutual Indemnity Association is now the largest provider of Longshore benefits in the United States.

The Longshore Claims Association (”LCA”) is a non-profit tax exempt, national association of individuals and companies involved in the defense of claims under federal jurisdiction. These include Admiralty and Maritime claims and claims under the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and its extensions. Our goal is to promote the most competent claims administration expertise through educational programs and legal advisories. As a defense advocacy group, we provide input about issues pending before the courts and regulatory agencies

4 Responses to “The DoL and Defense Longshore/DBA Conferences”

  1. Would like to see a transcript of
    Handling Claims in an Ethical Manner
    which was the last topic at this conference.
    It’s an admirable concept.

  2. daffodils said

    This annual hobnobbing of judges and insurance honchos at insurance-sponsored events is a gross violation of their judicial ethics.

    No claimants’ representatives are ever invited, never mind asked to explain to the assembled dignitaries how their unjust system of delays and denials (invariably based on fraud) and coerced “settlements” impacts injured people in real life.

    Congress and DOD have already criticized this nefarious crowd, but they just party on, oblivious to how repugnant their agenda item “how to persuade the judge” really is because this necessarily involves screwing an injured person out of treatment or benefits due to them under the law.
    Lawyers on both sides benefit from this legal charade, if legitimate claims were paid promptly withou an artificial dispute they would be out of work.

    Here you have an administrative law judge, Jennifer Gee, moderating a panel including one Roger Levy, a serial deceiver, who published a book on how to “trick” – yes, he shamelessly used that word, “trick” sick people out of benefits by presumably “tricking” the judges. He even managed to “trick” one judge into believing that the Iraq war was not dangerous, real or perceived. Which makes these cozy conferences downright suspicious.

    May they all choke on their Gordon Bleus.

    Definition of “trick”:
    1. An act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means.
    2. A mischievous action; a prank.
    3. A stupid, disgraceful, or childish act or performance

  3. Marlo said

    This is there time to perfect their craft on making our life miserable. I thought the new person on the block was going to make a difference. I guess this is his way to tell us it is the same no matter who is in power.

    I think we should have a meeting with all of the injured contractors then we can all compare note. I think it is time that they have someone call them out.
    In all honesty it is the DOL and the goverment that should be ashamed of itself. Talk about a waste of money time and energy.

    Maybe we should get a hold of Micheal Moore and see if he will do a new movie on the affects that the DOL does to the Contractors. I think he is the man for the job. I think I will bomb bard his websites with request for help. 🙂

  4. daffodils said

    Excellent idea, Marlo, Moore is just the man for this.

    And yes, lets organize a conference and invite the judges and DOL officials. If they decline, its irrefutable proof of their bias and contempt for the very people who’s interests they’re paid a monthly salary to defend.
    We just need to let them know in advance not to expect gordon bleu, but perhaps MREs.
    No kidding, I personally know of injured contractors who are skipping meals because these vultures are splurging and feasting on the money they stole from them.

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