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Partner of Scot killed in Iraq gives birth on day tragic fiance was due to return home

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 14, 2009

Oct 14 2009 Cordelia O’Neill

THE fiancee of a Scots security guard shot dead in Baghdad gave birth to their first child on the day he was due home.

Nicci Prestage told yesterday of her joy and sadness after having their baby girl four weeks early.

The youngster’s dad Paul McGuigan, 37, was a former Royal Marine working as a contractor in the Iraqi capital.

Nicci said the baby, who weighed 5lb, was “the image of her father”, originally from Peebles in the Borders.

Nicci, 36, of Tameside, Manchester, added: “She is gorgeous. I still can’t believe that Paul is never going to see her. He would have been such a proud dad, I can picture him grinning like a Cheshire cat showing off his ‘little princess’.

Paul was killed in August with Australian Darren Hoare.

A British national, Danny Fitzsimmons, has been charged with the murder of both men and is being held in custody in Baghdad.

Nicci said: “The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster “I know I have to face up to life without him but it is so very hard to. We were looking forward to being together as a family and bringing up our baby.”

Paul left Peebles in 1990 when he joined the Marines. He started work for security company ArmorGroup Iraq in 2003.

His dad is now in Ireland and mum Corrine has also left their home town.

A spokesman said: “Paul’s family have met their granddaughter – a very moving experience, especially as baby looks so like their son.”

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2 Responses to “Partner of Scot killed in Iraq gives birth on day tragic fiance was due to return home”

  1. Phil Gage said

    worked with this screwball (Dany Fitzimmons)in Iraq when he worked for Securi-Fotrce International in 2005, he took steroids so maybe this caused his aggression???,,,also shot at innocent civilians vehicles in Baghdad then when he went “:crazy”

  2. Phil Gage said

    he didnt seem stressed when he was getting $350 + a day tax free for his cowboy tactics in Iraq,,,have pics of him in 2005 if anyone is interested????

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