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Brain Injuries prompt more epilepsy among veterans

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on November 11, 2009

Two years ago, Army Staff Sgt. Gerald Esposito was taking a shower in a remote base in Iraq, about to go on patrol, when a mortar attack knocked him unconscious, fracturing his skull in two places and taking his right e

He woke up in a hospital in Germany three days later to punishing headaches, dizziness and memory loss. He had suffered a traumatic brain injury, one of the signature injuries of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the epileptic seizures that have dogged him since have been among his most difficult symptoms, making it impossible for him to work and barely able to provide for his three children.

“The worst part is the stress because I can’t support my family,” said Espinosa, 35, who lives in Shepherdsville.

Read the full story here

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