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Another MD Soldier Dies in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on November 15, 2009

CofflandThe body of Christopher Coffland is back on US

soil after he was killed Friday in a roadside

bombing.   Darren Valcourt reports those

closest to the lifelong Maryland resident are

remembering him.

Coffland graduated from Gillman High School in Baltimore 25 years ago, where he met many of the friends who are hailing him as a hero.

Coffland decided to join the Army Reserves at 41-years-old, just a month shy of the military’s enlisting age limit. He was deployed to Afghanistan last month.

He met with lifelong friend John Nozemack before he left.

“Reality had sunk in to Chris when he spoke to the man he was replacing over there in Afghanistan, Chris was a brave man, but he was also scared because he knew what he was getting himself into,” said Nozemack.

Coffland was trained in intelligence for a year before being sent to Afghanistan to gather intelligence on roadside bombs or IED’s.

Ironically, it may have been one of those bombs that killed him and two marines in the Sayed Abud region on Friday.

Saturday night, Coffland’s body was flown back to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

On Sunday his family and friends mourned for the man who spent much of his life coaching, traveling and even studying anthropology.

“Chris was one of those people who felt that he had a destiny calling him or something greater in life another challenge,” said Nozemack. “Anybody who puts his life on the line fore their country, I look at it as I didn’t have to go. Chris went to save other people, Chris went so my children would have a safer world to live in and absolutely is a hero.”

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