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PTSD Claim Tidal Wave at the VA

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on November 20, 2009

PTSD Claim Tidal Wave

A VA healthcare use report obtained by VCS using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) shows that of 1.1 million Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans eligible for VA medical care, approximately 134,000 were already diagnosed by VA mental health professionals with PTSD (“VA Facility Specific OIF/OEF Veterans Coded with Potential PTSD Through 2nd Qt FY 2009”).

A VA claims activity report also obtained by VCS using FOIA reveals only 58,000 of those veterans were granted service-connected disability compensation benefits by VA (“VA Benefits Activity: Veterans Deployed to the Global War on Terror, July 2009).

This means less than half (43 percent) of the veterans diagnosed by VA with PTSD receive disability benefits for PTSD.  VCS finds VA’s PTSD claim adjudication outcome absolutely unacceptable, and this salient fact is cause for immediate action by VA.

Read this in full at VCS

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