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Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 1, 2010

These are based on statistics from Jan 1 2009 through Dec 31 2009

Tangiers International Updates

And still awaiting the outcome of the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice investigations into Tangiers International.

We’ll report on our own findings at the same time.

More on this below     On your toes Tacticor

DBA CNA Casualty Anniversary

Is it just the photo of these really good looking guys or do people have a problem with CNA  and ‘He who must not be named’  tactics used for dragging claims out for six and more years while denying medical and cutting off payments?

KBR has blocked MsSparky from their Servers

Tag Teaming to keep the info train rolling

The Defense Base Act Compensation Blog was soon blocked as well !!

Fluor did not waste anytime following suite

Danny Fitzsimons Discharged From Army with PTSD

This is a tragic tale of two dead contractors, Darren Hoare and Paul McGuigan,  at the hand of a third contractor who was fighting a “War within his head”.   He was hired by several different security companies despite his diagnoses of PTSD and known drug and legal problems.

It took the publicity and outrage of the world but the company who last hired him has since starting doing background checks.   And yet, due to the DBA sanctioned right to deadly negligence, the burden will be borne only by the dead, injured, their families, and what’s left of Danny Fitzsimons tortured mind.  Danny awaits trial in Baghdad.

Civilian Contractors Toll in Iraq and Afghanistan Ignored by Defense Dept

by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica – October 9, 2009

Despite the importance of civilian contractors to its mission, the Defense Department hasn’t been measuring their sacrifice. More than 5,200 soldiers have died in the two war zones, meaning that one civilian contractor has died for every three soldiers.

Dropping the DBA Ball
CYA Statement of the year from the one in charge of the ball

“The problem that we see a lot is where injuries occur overseas the knee-jerk reaction is the insurance company says,‘I can’t pay right now. I don’t have documentation,’ ” said Miranda Chiu, Labor’s director of policy for Defense Base Act claims.“They drop the ball.”

AIG Faces Hearing on Denial of Medical Claims by Contractors Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

Kucinich, the chair of the committee’s domestic policy panel, said earlier that he was “alarmed” by a joint investigation [4] by ProPublica [5], ABC News [6] and the Los Angeles Times [7], which found that the troubled insurance giant routinely denied medical care to civilians injured in the war zones. Rep. Elijah Cummings [8], D-Md., first requested [9] a hearing after the reports aired earlier this year. Kucinich’s panel will be joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders [10], I-Vt.,

Independent Medical Evaluations AIG and CNA

Dispelling the Myth that insurance company Defense Medical Evaluations are in someway unbiased Indpendent Medical Evaluations.   Only the DoL can arrange for an Independent Medical Examination under the DBA.    The insurance company is entitled to have you see a doctor of their choice, under certain restrictions,  but this is a Defense Medical Evaluation.

Tangiers International DBA “Medical Providers

Tangiers International , AIG’s Medical Provider/Spy Kids Caught Lying

Tangiers Vice President a Dept of Labor Employee

Remember Them Too

Don’t Contractors Count When we Calculate the Cost of War? By Steven Schooner

Despite the light that Memorial Day will shine, briefly, on the U.S. death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan, don’t expect an accurate accounting of the real human cost of our military actions abroad. The numbers you’ll see — mostly likely just under 5,000 fatalities — won’t tell the whole story.

How CNA Treats Foreign Claimants

“I arranged for a meeting with CNA Global and Donna Sprags. The nursecase manager Jody Mcewan arranged the meeting In Chicago at the offices of CNA Global. I left South Africa with a Medic, a Nurse and my wife.

When  I arrived at the building of CNA I was told that “she will not see me and was thrown out of the building by security”. The trip cost me $15 000 and I have outstanding medical debts of $150 000.

AIG their IME, PTSE, The Saga Continues

The Infamous Dr. Griffith and those who enable him

In Memory of Tim Eysslinck

We lost Tim to PTSD five years ago April 23.  Tim’s wife and children have been denied DBA benefits in a most disturbing series of events replete with fraudulent statements.  And his widow paid the original lawyer who allowed this to happen.

Texas District Court Rules Iraq War not Life Threatening

Casualties not Counted

Eysslinck Files

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