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“Delay, Deny and Hope That I Die.”

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 5, 2010

Many injured contractors who are the responsibility of AIG and CNA under the Defense Base Act have been forced into the VA system to get help.

Is the VA subsidizing the insurance company profits on the backs of other disabled veterans?

It was Abraham Lincoln who said the purpose of the VA was to “care for him who shall have borne the battle.” But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have pushed the VA further behind in that mission, and today there are a million veterans waiting for the VA to handle their disability claims.

That has led some to latch onto another motto making the rounds for how the VA operates:

“Delay, Deny and Hope That I Die.”

VCS on “60 Minutes” Exposing Long Delays Veterans Face with VA Claims

3 Responses to ““Delay, Deny and Hope That I Die.””

  1. crazedchef said

    Took me a little while to find this but well worth watching…the entire segment that is snipped above:

    The problems going on at the VA mirror what is going on at the Dept. of Labor but with one difference…AIG is actively in the business of screwing over the contractors for financial gain as opposed to bureaucratic inefficiency and ineptitude. AIG is committing fraud by their denial of benefits! In a fair and just world they would answer for their crimes though laws already in the books.

  2. defensebaseactcomp said

    It appears as though the VA is intentionally denying and delaying claims as well.
    Our government may feel that denying benefits and causing death and further disability is an ethical way of saving the taxpayer money. We doubt the taxpayers would agree to these tactics if they were asked.
    If the taxpayers had a clue that they were paying AIG and CNA billions of dollars on top of reimbursing them for WHA claims to do the same thing we doubt they’d much like that either.
    Our government, past and present, goes to great lengths to cover up their failures and agendas.
    When it comes to the DBA is allowing AIG and CNA to deny and delay a cover up for failures or agendas?

  3. VietNamDesertStorm Marine Wife said

    There is still no action from a President and his Congress who say they are doing so much for Veterans.

    This should be re-aired on 60 minutes –

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