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NPR Interviews the Injured War Zone Contractors: Wounded in Wars, Thrown under the bus at home

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 11, 2010

Thank you NPR and Terry Gross for interviewing T. Christian Miller on your show today.

You asked many questions that we feel are worthy of more in depth answers than he had time to give you.
Each question in this interview will be a post so that our injured contractors, widows of the deceased, and family members can answer for themselves.

First Question:
Are injured contractors reluctant to speak out about their problems with the insurance companies because they are afraid of being labeled mercenaries or war profiteers?

4 Responses to “NPR Interviews the Injured War Zone Contractors: Wounded in Wars, Thrown under the bus at home”

  1. defensebaseactcomp said

    We correspond with a large number of war zone contractors every day. Not one of them has ever said that they were afraid of speaking out about the way they are treated by AIG, CNA, and the DoL, because they might be labeled as mercenaries.

    Most of them have never been asked

    about how they’ve been treated by the insurance companies, or the companies who profited by their employment, or the DoL who is supposed to ensure they are taken care of.
    The Congressional Committee does not ask them, the media does not ask them, the Department of Labor does not ask them, their congressional representatives do not respond to them. For most, no one gives a damn.

    Others who do not speak up are under orders from their lawyers not to discuss their cases while they drag on for years effectively keeping the abuse secretive.

    Whether by an ALJ or a DBA Attorney, for many there is a GAG order in place.

  2. anonymous on purpose said


    I am one who talked and is paying a price. I do not even know what is going on with my case as my lawyer will not return my phone calls. I also was told that articles and online posts were being submitted as evidence in my case. I do not know the current status and EVERYDAY I suffer physically and psychologically! I cannot believe a simple matter like this could drag on this long? Three YEARS in Iraq, I was injured, I kept working till I could no longer work and realized I was in bad shape, went to Kuwait, was told I needed immediate surgery…what the hell? Why am I still waiting 2 yrs later? Why are the only people profiting the damn lawyers? What is wrong with our government that they can allow lawbreakers and scumbag insurance companies to break every rule and get away scot-free?

    Karma is a bitch and everyone eventually pays the piper….watch out Shoeman, AIG, and all the so-called “expert witnesses” otherwise known as “very well paid professional liars”…yours is coming, one day karma will bite you in the ass (at least it will in a fair universe)

    Call me a mercenary…I would love to actually be acknowledged to exist!!!

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      I also was told that articles and online posts were being submitted as evidence in my case

      A great tactic to try to keep us shut up.
      These defense lawyers submit all kinds of trash that our plaintiff’s lawyer should not allow.
      Is your lawyer submitting all the bad press and fraudulent behavior on AIG?

  3. Krash said

    Since when is it legal for our opinions on blog posts to be used against us in a court of law. Whatever happened to the First Amendment?????

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