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Screwing over Civilian Contractors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 13, 2010

By David Isenberg at the Huffington Post

Thank you David for putting this so well.

We often hear about how private military contractors are supposedly screwing the American government and taxpayers through fraud, waste or abuse. But almost nothing ever gets said or written about how those contractors are themselves often screwed by incompetent or unscrupulous employers.

Contrary to popular culture most private contractors are not armed and the vast majority of them are just ordinary people trying to do the best job they can in exceptionally difficult circumstances. But you would never know that if all you read is Daily Kos or The Nation

A rare exception is T. Christian Miller, a former reporter for the Los Angels Times and author of the 2006 book called Blood Money: Wasted Billions, Lost Lives and Corporate Greed in Iraq,” who who now works with ProPublica. There, Miller has published has investigative series, “Disposable Army: Civilian Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan” which is a must-read for anyone interested on the subject, on how contractors are often not given the medical care or insurance benefits which are required under U.S. law, notably the Defense Base Act.

Yesterday, Miller was on the NPR Fresh Air Program speaking with host Terry Gross. The title of the program “Wounded in Wars, Civilians Face Battle Care at Home,” is clear on what to expect. Here is some of what was said:

Read this at Huff Post

3 Responses to “Screwing over Civilian Contractors”

  1. jayhawk said

    left my comments on npr’s site..along with all the stupid ignorant brainwashed never been there idiots.

  2. anonymous on purpose said

    I left a LOT of comments on the NPR and Huffington. There really are a lot of so-called “enlightened” people out there who are downright closed minded and ignorant of reality.

    ditto to jayhawk

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