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How to file a FOIA with the DoL

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 15, 2010 /foia/request.htm

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2 Responses to “How to file a FOIA with the DoL”

  1. anonymous on purpose said


    Those pinhead bureaucrats are watching. I am sure we all have files on us somewhere. It would not even surprise me if they have us all labeled as domestic terrorists…

    probably not so anonymous

  2. daffodils said

    Your comment no doubt made many of us smile, if sardonically so; how one injury turns one from an invaluable highly rewarded insider in the ‘war on terror’ to disposable trash in an instant.
    And if you dare protest this treatment you are lumped together with the elusive enemy to save bucks for the high and mighty.
    High time we recognize the real enemy in our midst, the ones that violate the most basic tenets of humanity regarding the sanctity of human life, who are doing exactly what they pretend to be fighting only on a much larger scale.
    Thanks anonymous and good night and good luck.

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