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Despite prevention efforts, U.S. military suicides rise

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 17, 2010

WASHINGTON — Eight years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have etched indelible scars on the psyches of many of the nation’s servicemen and women, and the U.S. military is losing a battle to stem an epidemic of suicides in its ranks.

Despite calls by top Pentagon officials for a sea change in attitudes about mental health, millions of dollars in new suicide prevention programming and thousands of hours spent helping soldiers suffering from what often are euphemistically dubbed “invisible wounds,” the military is losing ground.

The Department of Defense Friday reported that there were 160 reported active-duty Army suicides in 2009, up from 140 in 2008. Of these, 114 have been confirmed, while the manner of death in the remaining 46 remains to be determined

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One Response to “Despite prevention efforts, U.S. military suicides rise”

  1. daffodils said

    To put this into perspective: In 2009, 442 US soldiers were killed in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan and 334 committed suicide.

    We ask again, where are the figures for civilian contractors who have to wait for years just to get treatment for PTSD if they are lucky?
    And how many more of them rather drop their claims than be subjected to this adversarial, biased and deeply flawed DBA claims process, just to end up succumbing to an irresitable suicidal impulse because they received no medication or therapy? Nobody knows for sure because they simply don’t count.
    This is ongoing situation is nothing but calculated state sanctioned murder.

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