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Danny Fitzsimons to receive psychiatric evaluation

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 21, 2010

BAGHDAD — The trial of a British security guard accused of shooting dead two colleagues in Baghdad was on Thursday adjourned to next month to allow a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant, a lawyer said.

The hearing was set for February 18 “to allow time to prepare a medical evaluation” of Danny Fitzsimons, said a lawyer at the court who was familiar with the case but did not want to be identified.  Full article here

Danny was diagnosed as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and in May 2008 he was told that PTSD was:

“having an impact on his day to day life and he use[d] drugs and alcohol to combat that and escape from those experiences.”

Despite this, in 2009 Danny was hired by ArmourGroup in August and sent out to Iraq without conducting a full medical. This despite Human Resources Director, Christopher Beese stating in September 2004:

“It seems extraordinary that the doorman of a night club … may have to be vetted and licensed while the same man can be equipped with a rifle, an armoured vehicle and be engaged to protect diamond concessions for a foreign regime in a clear breach of the public interest and perhaps even in contravention of human rights [but he] needs no such regulation.”

Within 36 hours of his arrival, the incident which saw Paul McGuigan and Darren Hoare die took place.

One Response to “Danny Fitzsimons to receive psychiatric evaluation”

  1. fiona mcguigan said

    I have the honour of being Paul McGuigans aunt. He has always been a lovely, gentle giant. Our family have been devastated at the murder of ‘Our Paul’; his dad gave up his battle with cancer a few months after Paul was MURDERED so we have lost not just Paul because of Fitzsimons but also my brother John. We would maybe have a tiny bit of compassion for their MURDERER if he wasn’t trying to blame Paul and Darren for theit own deaths. There was NO FIGHT; Paul was so strong he could have killed with one punch. There were NO defense wounds either on Pauls body or face which I’m sure there would have been if there had been a fight. Similarly, the only defense marks on the MURDERER were from when he was being arrested for the MURDERS. Paul and Darren were MURDERED in cold blood and the sooner Fitzsimons ‘fesses up’ the sooner we might be able to start forgiving. TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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