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AIG-War Updates

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 24, 2010

Mine is only one case among over 31000.  Misrepresentation, falsifying federal documents—both felonies—were  used to terminate my medical care & benefits.

Is this an isolated incident among the 31000 cases covered by AIG & CNA?

OALJ Case No. 2009-LDA-00335

December 22, 2009

December 29, 2009


Insurance company abuses of war-injured Americans.

Who knew and who did nothing.
Walker & Galichon: Your firm sent me Federal Form LS-208, terminating my benefits, after it was shown to be false; based on misrepresentation. As officers of the court, would this interest the California State Bar?

AIG was paid by taxpayers to provide workmen comp coverage to military contractors.

DOL Judge Romero signed off on a settlement pushing off AIG’s liability onto Medicare and my personal health insurance. Accountability?

Federal law provides penalties for the abuses I, and others, have experienced.

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12 Responses to “AIG-War Updates”

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  2. anonymous on purpose said


    At least you have something…trust me, it is better than limbo. My blood pressure is through the roof and I am seriously worried about a stroke or heart attack before receiving medical. I am a relatively young man and they are KILLING me with their inaction…….

  3. james zimmerman said

    good to see you used the best DEFENSE LAWYER out there(DENNIS NALICK) he was mine.nice settlement,but could have got more in my opinion.settled mine for the 100k lump sum but 2100 a month for life..

  4. jayhawk said

  5. jayhawk said

    i talked to an investigator for sen. pat roberts office yesterday on the phone for quite a while. he told me he didnt have any idea this kind of activity was going on at the dept. of labor and a.i.g. i told him i was amazed that the senators office didnt know about it. he told me he would get educated about this issue and find out what is going on. we will see…….

  6. anonymous on purpose said

    I am praying for the day when the judge comes back with his decision. Unless there is judicial misconduct, my evidence is overwhelming so I am confident, but you never know?. I just want to get healthy……or at least as healthy as I can get considering what they have put me through. All of my injuries are now degenerative…THANKS AIG…please, give yourselves another bonus!

  7. Good job Jayhawk! Stay on top of it. Every little bit hurts AIG and CNA. Exposure is the key.

  8. brit guy said

    You May all find this interesting
    Reported in the UK media the name of the company I will not divulge but an internet search will allow you to find it. Below are some of the quotes from the UK press. You might like to read on.

    UK Company is charged with conspiracy to “knowingly and wilfully impede” the authorities by making certain false, inaccurate and incomplete statements in relation to compliance with anti-corruption standards, thereby “defrauding the US”.

    In a court filing, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) claims that UK company transferred more than £10m and $9m to Swiss bank accounts controlled by an agent with a high probability that a payment would go to a Saudi Arabian official in a position of influence.

    It also claims that in the Czech Republic and Hungary, UK company paid more than £19m to an agent to secure leases of Gripen fighter jets, despite a high probability that part of the payments “would be used in the tender process to favour” the company.

    The document also says that UK company” took steps to conceal its relationships [with intermediaries] and undisclosed payments to them” by using offshore shell vehicles.

    The DoJ estimates that UK company gained more than $200m from various false statements to the US government from 2000 onwards.

    All of this is reported in the UK search

    Does any of this sound familiar to anything that is going on in this bog.

    How much where they fined well sit down get a stiff drink hold on to your hat take a deep breath.


    That’s right $400m if you consider that they allegedly gained $200m it would seem a drop in the ocean when you see the figures quoted on here by the blogers about the US insurance industry if the figures are correct.

    People 31000 + Fine $400m = $12,400,000 not sure if that’s m t or z on the end though

    Makes you think doesn’t it maybe you might like to point this out to your senator or congress person.
    That is assuming that they are not being funded by the insurance industry heaven forbid that a company might try to take advantage of their position of influence.

  9. Philip said

    I’ve been in limbo for 8 months before they provided the surgery I needed. No pain and suffering remember. They finally paid for my surgery. BUT. Its their fault that I lost $12,000.00 a month for at least 6 months. If they had paid for the surgery instead of denying me care. I would have been back to work in 1 month. What about all that interest they owe me. Plus the fact is they stranded me in Thailand. Owe me over $40,000.00 ( thats figured on the max rate) and send me a check for $2,401.00. To the wrong address in Thailand. A country where- If I put the check in the bank- I will not have access to for 5 weeks. Plus the secondary ins stated ” That I had to be 80% disabled. You don’t work in Iraq 2% messed up. The company doesn’t take you back injured. Plus when they find out ” it’s a workers comp claim” None of the other Ins. Co. want to hear from you.

  10. David said

    Im getting the full comp for life because if my brain injury BUT I never went before a administrative law judge for the DoL because AIG conceeded. LS-206

    Im not to keen on lawyers because they said that the ALJ would put it in stone that I was required to get payment for life. The LS-206 just says that AIG pays me voluntary, meaning they dont contest my injury. But what if they do later??

    You’ll love this……my friend Mark caught the investigator that was hired by AIG

    The ones who were investigating me stalked my kids school, they violated my HIPPA rights and showed up to my doctors apointment! They told my step father that they worked for the CIA and they told my ex-wife that they were working with AIG, FBI and the CIA to launch a criminal investigation to try and get me kicked off my coverage.

    I had to move out of state and live in hideing and fear because I was paranoid!

  11. Going Silent said

    If I caught someone STALKING myself or family. They better be FBI or CIA!! So at least they can return fire.

  12. Workmans Comp…

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