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DynCorp Press Release: DynCorp Establishes DI Care Employee Assistance Program

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 31, 2010

A good move if they are going to help injured employees financially while CNA refuses to pay their  DBA claims.  Far too many DynCorp injured “valuable” employees have lost their homes and families with no help from anyone at all.

It would be better late than never

How much support will they be giving to corporate, medical, and government stakeholders (read CNA/DynCorp Carrier/Employer, their third party medical providers and the Department of Labor)  and how much support will they be giving their serious and mortally injured employees?

DynCorp Press Release January 29, 2010

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – (Business Wire) DynCorp International (NYSE:DCP) has established DI Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a corporate-wide initiative to assist employees in the event of serious or mortal injury. DI Care EAP will serve to lead all aspects of casualty procedures, family notification and victim assistance; help injured employees obtain legitimate insurance and benefits claims, and to support corporate, medical, and government stakeholders regarding the disposition and handling of more complex employee assistance claim administration and processing.

Michael Warren, previously head of DynCorp International’s Civilian Police (CIVPOL) Employee Assistance Program (CEAP) since its inception in 2007, will serve as Director of DI Care EAP. This new position encompasses all DI programs, providing a central point of contact and dedicated personnel to assist victims and help families manage benefits and claims. CEAP has set the industry standard for employee care and support, distinguishing DI among government service providers. DI Care EAP will ensure the same level of support and assistance corporate-wide to injured employees and to families of those injured or killed.

Michael Warren joined DI in 2004 as an international police advisor, working overseas for two years in that capacity before taking over responsibility for the CEAP, providing support for civilian police program personnel. Previous to his employment with DI, Michael Warren was a member of the Harris County, Tex. Sheriff’s Department.

“Excellence begins with caring – I truly believe that,” said Mr. Warren. “The DI Care EAP reflects a culture of caring and commitment to our employees.”

DynCorp International President and Chief Executive Officer William L. Ballhaus said “DI employees serve today for a safe tomorrow. We have people in difficult and often dangerous environments, underscoring the vital importance of a corporate-wide program to ensure that we stand behind and support our employees and their families in the event of a serious injury. I am proud of Mr. Warren for his dedication to this program.”

One Response to “DynCorp Press Release: DynCorp Establishes DI Care Employee Assistance Program”

  1. Marlo said

    I have to say that I am so surprised. I think alot of it is just talk. No one helped us out when we were fighting CNA. No one helped us out when we lost everything. No one helped us out when it was time to catch up on our bills and try to make ends meet now.

    The payoff by CNA isn’t all that. It is only enough to get you back on your feet to fall down again. Is Dyncorp going to take away the pain of having nothing. Are they going to make up the difference of all the loss.

    We can hope that they are going to start helping. But I won’t be holding my breath.

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