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What is being kept from you

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 1, 2010

You may not agree with everything  Gordon Duff says in this article but it should make you think.  It was removed from Veterans Today overnight though he is a senior writer there.  Did he step on some toes?

If you are an injured contractor fighting the DBA insurance companies and our government which is enabling them, we think you’ll find this paragraph hits home.

Our battle makes no sense at all.  Why is our government allowing it?

Whenever you see President Obama speak about change yet no change happens.

Whenever you wonder why something obvious to you isn’t seen by others, take heed.

When an idiot with a bomb is walked onto a plane,

when a psychiatrist goes on a murder rampage on a military base,

when laws are broken but prosecutions never happen,

when a hundred things that make no sense at all sneak onto the comic or sports pages or into your email,

if one is true, and we do nothing, we are lost.

You can read the article here

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