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Pentagon Identifies Contractor Missing In Iraq: Issa Salomi

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 5, 2010

Observers indicate that two individuals in HTS leadership positions on the ground in Iraq—Lieutenant Colonel Byrd (Program Management Office – FWD)  and Michael Goains, GG-15 (Theater Coordination Element) had direct knowledge of Issa Salomi’s prior forays outside Camp Liberty/Victory Base Complex in Iraq unaccompanied by his teammates (team designation IZ-02,) or US military personnel. Salomi was apparently taken by an Iraqi insurgent group in January 2010 and a video of him recently appeared in global media outlets in February 2010.

Observers have also pointed out that Salomi is not, in fact, a contractor but is instead a temporary US Army Civilian employee. In 2009, HTS reverted to a government program and contractors were forced to choose between leaving or converting to US government civilian status.

Update WaPo Sat Feb 6 (:30 am
BAGHDAD — A Shiite militant group in Iraq has posted an Internet video showing an American it says it abducted and who appears to be a contractor reported missing by the U.S. military.

In the video, the man – who did not identify himself – says his abductors from the League of the Righteous are demanding the release of militants and the prosecution of Blackwater security contractors accused of killing 17 Iraqis in 2007 in Baghdad.

“The second demand is to bring the proper justice and the proper punishment to those members of Blackwater company that have committed unjustifiable crimes against innocent Iraqi civilians,” the man said. “And to bring justice by proper compensation to the families that have been involved in great suffering because of this incident.”


(CBS 8) – Officials identified an El Cajon resident Friday who went missing in Iraq while working as a civilian contractor, just as video of the man was released by his alleged abductors.

Issa Salomi, 60, went missing on Jan. 23 in Baghdad. He was working with the U.S. Forces as a civilian employee, according to the Department of Defense.

A video found on an Iraqi web site Friday showed Salomi sitting in front of a flag with what appeared to be Arabic writing on it.

In the two-minute video, Salomi details demands from his abductors, including the punishment of employees of the Blackwater company, which is accused in crimes against Iraqi citizens.

A search and recovery effort was underway to find Salomi, the DOD said.

Pentagon: El Cajon Contractor Missing In Iraq

SAN DIEGO — The Pentagon released the name Friday of an El Cajon resident who disappeared in Iraq two weeks ago while working with the U.S. military as a civilian contractor.Issa Salomi, 60, was last seen Jan. 23 in Baghdad, where he is assigned to U.S. Forces, Iraq, the Department of Defense reported.

Efforts to locate Salomi are under way, according to the DOD, which did not disclose the nature of his work in the Middle East.

7 Responses to “Pentagon Identifies Contractor Missing In Iraq: Issa Salomi”

  1. Ms Sparky said

    OMG!! When is this all going to stop! My thoughts are with Issa Salomi and his family.

    Ms Sparky

  2. Afghan Princess said

    I hope he returns home safely to his loved ones…He is just an innocent contractor making a living. May God be on your side, I feel for him and his family! How sad…:(

    Not all Muslims are like this…

  3. Hamed said

    May God bring him home safe to his respected family, AMIN!

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  6. agnaldo said

    I hope he returns home safely

  7. May God bring him home safe to his respected family, AMIN!

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