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Iraq booting 250 Blackwater employees

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 10, 2010

By Raw Story
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 — 2:25 pm

Iraq has apparently had enough of the controversial Xe Services LLC, the private military contractor previously known as Blackwater.

The Voice of Iraq reports, “A total of 250 employees working for the U.S. security firm Blackwater have been dismissed and given seven days to leave Iraq, the Iraqi minister of interior said on Wednesday, according to the semi-official al-Iraqiya TV.”

“Iraq has ordered about 250 former and current employees of Blackwater Worldwide to leave the country within seven days or face having their visas pulled,” the Associated Press reports in a breaking story.

The AP adds, “Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani said on Wednesday the order targets security contractors who worked for Blackwater at the time of the shootout. He said all ‘concerned parties’ were notified of the order three days ago.”

“We want to turn the page,” al-Bolani told AP. “It was a painful experience, and we would like to go forward.”

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What is most concerning with this, is where is the US government on this? It seems to me that the highly political persecution of the Blackwater Five, has increased now to the Blackwater 250. This list of 250 men served the US Government and put their lives on the line in the process.  Some did not make it back alive, and others came back with missing limbs and other wounds.  Where is the gratitude, thanks or support for what these men did during such a dangerous time in Iraq?   Please read the full commentary at Feral Jundi

2 Responses to “Iraq booting 250 Blackwater employees”

  1. Superman said

    Superman here ! Apparently the U.S. Government is in a pickle here. Think about it. When Blackwater left Iraq all their employees where hired by Triple Canopy this was the only way they could man this Department of State Diplomatic Security Service Detail. From what I see if all the former Blackwater guys have to leave and they are mission essential personal. Then the U.S. Embassy and its Diplomatic Mission is at a stalemate. No one to provide protection then no Diplomatic mission.

    You need to ask yourself now what? Fill it with soldiers? Let me tell you if trained they could do the mission but they do not have the time or experience to do so. If they choose this option it places our Diplomats in great danger and if any of you are out there reading this.. let me tell you it’s pure suicide to have inept security.

    Therefore why should we pay to have our Embassy people there if they can not do anything? Well it stands to reason re-deploy everyone. Just look a foreign government can manipulate the U.S.A and actually halt all our operations! Where is Ronald Regan when you need him. We need a President that has the balls to tell the Iraqi’s; “He we saved your butts so back the hell off or we will leave your country in ruins”. The U.S. A. needs to stop this pus*y mentality and kick some major butt.

  2. brit guy said

    OMG Sorry peeps but I cannot let this go.
    Do you think they may have been asked to leave because of the slaughter of Iraqi civilians and the US authorities refusal to prosecute those involved. I am not saying that they were guilty but surely a democratically elected government has the right to decide who works in its country.
    I worked with a lot of Blackwater guys in Iraq and a lot of them were very good at there job profesional beyond default. However like any company out there they had problems with some of their personnel. Whilst I was there one of the base commanders stationed in the Alanbar told Blackwater they had to leave the camp due to the trouble they had caused.
    Oh and do not think that in our global economy that only people employed or trained by Blackwater can do this job. One of the best companies in the world at providing the this type of training is a South African company. A lot of the South Africans I worked with were more profesional than any other nationalities out there. However the American administration running the country decided that they would not issue them with identity cards and most had to leave. So its alright for Americans to decide who works in Iraq but not Iraqis funny that I thought we were in their country.
    So to end an American appointed official not elected but appointed can ask them to leave but a democratically elected government does not have the right because oh yeah they are not American

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