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KBR awarded $2.3B LOGCAP IV task order in Iraq after poor performance evaluation

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010 — Ms Sparky

The long awaited announcement of the first LOGCAP IV task order to be awarded in Iraq has been made.

KBR has been awarded Task Order 2 under KBR’s LOGCAP IV contract W52P1J-07-D-0009 for the Iraq CTP (Corp Logistics/Transportation/Postal) effort in the amount of $2.345B.

Work is to begin under this Task Order on March 1, 2010.

Interesting…just four days ago KBR received a ZERO award fee for unsatisfactory work and is now awarded a $2.3B contract. Is anyone else gong “What the hell?”

For a list of other LOGCAP IV Task Order awards click HERE

Here is the all hands email that KBR just sent out to their employees.

From: Timmy Doster
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2010 11:04 AM


Subject: KBR Awarded LOGCAP IV CTP Task Order

TO: LOGCAP III Middle East Employees

FROM: Guy LaBoa, Principal Program Manager, LOGCAP III ME


With so much negative news about KBR and the fact that we have not won a LOGCAP IV task order, it is with great pride that I am able to announce that KBR is now in the LOGCAP IV business. Last night, the U.S. government announced it has awarded KBR the $2.3 billion, cost-plus, fixed-fee CTP contract. This contract support is for Corps Logistics Support Services (CLSS), Theater Transportation Mission (TTM), Postal Services, Ice Plant Operations, and some Air Terminal Operations to support the U.S. armed forces throughout Iraq.

Being awarded a LOGCAP IV task order has been a long time coming; however, we have unquestionably achieved this milestone, and as a result, we all look forward to KBR awards on future task orders, including the base life support mission in Iraq. We will publish more on the CTP transition as the plan is finalized.

I ask that all of you continue doing what you do best – supporting our men and women in uniform. I ask that you carry on this mission with your continued emphasis on “Excellence in Quality” and “your uncompromising commitment to Safety”.



Guy LaBoa
Principal Program Manager
FI – ID 43382
APO, AE 09344
Office: (281) 669-5600

3 Responses to “KBR awarded $2.3B LOGCAP IV task order in Iraq after poor performance evaluation”

  1. jayhawk said

    having been in the ttm mission i would expect the army did not want to change this due to the nature of the mission. this is the most dangerous mission kbr has in iraq and it is unwise to change the contract. the ttm contract has always been kbr’s. convoy and recovery operations are not for “new” guys. this is probably the one contract they should have got. i know a lot of people have a different opinion, but they have to realise that this is not an inside the wire thing. knowing the roads and where the fobs are is very important. getting people killed because of some idea that kbr is not supposed to have any contracts is not a feasible position. i have to agree with this decision.
    its just too important to not change the people.

  2. Congratulation KBR.

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