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!! Junket Time in New Orleans !!

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 15, 2010

AIG, CNA, their defense lawyers and claims adjusters, their third party medical providers,  DoL ALJ’s, DoL District Directors  and some of the plaintiff’s lawyers gather for another Dol sponsored conference.  A few days to get to know each other better, discuss how to better “work together”……

Loyola Annual Longshore Conference 2010- Overwhelmingly for the Defense again

March 18 – 19, 2010
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

Though overburdened with DBA claims the DoL is still sending four Administrative Law Judges to New Orleans with taxpayer money.  Even the new sitting Chief ALJ Purcell has time for this  defense speaker  bloated gathering.

Judge Gee continues her Conference Circuit this week while DBA claims on the West Coast wait as long as a year for a decision after a hearing.

All will  get to play Jeopardy with Rosenow, a privilege normally reserved for the injured unfortunate enough to live within the Cabal’s jurisdiction, or whose lawyers take it upon themselves to put them there because THEY live there.

A few possible answers……

Who is Dr. John Dorland Griffith?     Why is it not PTSD?   Why we call it an IME even though it isn’t?

One Response to “!! Junket Time in New Orleans !!”

  1. brit guy said

    Maybe you might all like to comment on this at your conference.

    Let us take a journey through law and order.

    Thugery thug goes into a store brandishing a gun shoots the cashier and steals $500 from the till.
    Thugery thug is caught on CCTV also 8 witness’s see Thugery thug carry out this heinous crime. The police rush to the seen and Thugery thug is arrested later down the road with $500 in his wallet and a gun in his pocket.
    Tests prove that the gun in his pocket is the same one that shot the cashier also the new dollar bills can be traced back to the bank where the cashier got them that morning.

    Thugery thug appears in court to face charges of robbery and murder.

    The prosecution call foreword the witness’s the prosecution make a great play on the fact that the witness’s lucky for them are four of duty law enforcement officers two soldiers one airman and one navy guy. Why would the prosecution think this important. Well they will argue that they are all experts because of their training in observation and therefore impeccable witness’s. Testimony is given all the witness’s are called foreword to give evidence. The jury is shown the CCTV the gun and the bank notes prosecution rests its case.
    Thugery thugs attorney calls his best mate who claims at the time under oath that Thugery thug was at his house eating pizza and watching a ball game. Under cross examination Thugery thugs best mate is asked what game were you watching he cannot answer TV listings show that at the time of the robbery there was no ball game. Oh dear Thugery thugs best mate has just perjured himself under oath.
    With the overwhelming evidence against him Thugery thug is found guilty and I am not an expert on American law but believe that Thugery thug is facing the death penalty or at least life in prison without parole. Thugery thugs best mate is facing a large fine or sometime behind bars to consider his evidence.

    Why is it then that the LHWCA DBA does not work this way
    8 Impeccable witness’s well would that be health care providers
    CCTV would that be x-rays
    The Gun could that be CAT scans and MRI scans
    Bank notes well would that be the physical evidence scars missing limbs photographs.
    As for Thugery thug well I am sure you can work that out
    His best mate well you can work that out too.
    Why is it that under the DBA Thugery thug faces no sanction and nor does his best mate.

    So please America do not set yourself up as the worlds moral policeman and lecture us on human rights. Maybe it is time to look within to see the truth of your own actions.

    Poor Snow White is so confused

    Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the greatest abuser of them all.

    Within this frame and glass that’s clear I can tell you who to fear.

    Mirror Mirror please tell all is it the little men with the great wall

    Oh my child with fear and dread it is not them that want you dead.

    Mirror Mirror please tell why is all I’ve learnt a giant lie

    Oh sweet child a life that’s fine is more expensive that a box of pine

    Oh yes Mojito please have great time

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